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Apr 27 2013, 11:04 AM
Like I said before...there are sites like http://fiverr.com/ , where some guy in a foreign country does all your social media grunt work for a few bucks.....then there are sites like hootsuite, where you can create multiple twitter accounts and hook them all up to hootsuite then schedule tweets to go out on all of them at any time.

Frankly twitter trending and the correlation with higher ratings is what the shows look for more than anything. For example, the first day Frisco was back, GH saw an over 3 million viewer day for the first time in years, stuff like that is what they look for. Ali and James live tweeting that day didn't even create that much of a trend anyway....I saw Ejami trend earlier in the year for about an hour or so.....and the ratings didn't correlate with the trend. IMHO Days just needs to focus on writing good stories and forget about twitter trending and social media telling them what people supposedly want to see or not...if they write good well balanced stories, people will tune in regardless of if their ship is on or not.
James and AS tweeted for their fans, to enhance the enjoyment of the eppy for their fans and a lucky by-product was that it trended regardless of how long it was for.
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