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Apr 28 2013, 12:17 PM
To me people wait too long to stand up.

Its that mentalilty of the Jack &Jen gets screwed. I don't care but don't touch Lumi. Lumi gets screwed. I don't care but leave Bo and Hope alone. Then its Bo and Hope and some say I don't care about them just don't go after John and Marlena. And then they do.

The same said about vets. As long as its not your guy then it becomes your guy and you are alone.

Every guy is number one until they are not. Dont care today. You will tomorrow.

No one fights for the show anymore. Just their people. But the prinicple of respecting vets is good for fans and actors. If your actor is not a vet now you want him or her to be one and you want them respected.

To have a great show you have to have a show that respect the characters, the actors and the fans. This show is zero for three.
what I don't understand is the fact that its discrimination and no one seems to have a legal to stand .and why none of the vets will call them on it
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