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Apr 28 2013, 04:17 PM
Apr 28 2013, 12:17 PM
To me people wait too long to stand up.

Its that mentalilty of the Jack &Jen gets screwed. I don't care but don't touch Lumi. Lumi gets screwed. I don't care but leave Bo and Hope alone. Then its Bo and Hope and some say I don't care about them just don't go after John and Marlena. And then they do.

The same said about vets. As long as its not your guy then it becomes your guy and you are alone.

Every guy is number one until they are not. Dont care today. You will tomorrow.

No one fights for the show anymore. Just their people. But the prinicple of respecting vets is good for fans and actors. If your actor is not a vet now you want him or her to be one and you want them respected.

To have a great show you have to have a show that respect the characters, the actors and the fans. This show is zero for three.
I get what you're saying. Then again, the uproar last year over the firing of the vets that sparked #DaysAngryViewer was pretty broad-based, stretching across most fan groups. It lasted a few weeks and got no response from Days. Likewise, the anti-Dannifer sentiment transcends fanbases and has been consistently expressed for months and months with no visible result or response from TPTB.

The writers and execs seem to recognize that the core 2 million viewers are going to watch no matter what. A few years ago, dropping down to 2 million was scary. But now, relatively speaking, they seem to have settled in and resigned themselves to that number -- and they have nothing waiting in the wings that could do better. I think, at least for the last little while, the writers have been told they can pretty much do whatever they like as long as they stay within a basic range.

Viewers can rant and complain as loud and as long as they like. But as long as that same core audience keeps tuning in, it won't matter. The writers are insulated from any fallout and can do as they choose.

Exactly. The ratings are stagnant. they swing from 2.2 - 2.6 regardless of who's on or what the featured stories are. Looking at this week, they are pretty comparable with last year, despite the fact that this time last year was a writing/ BTS interference fiasco. The addition of ED has made little difference to ratings as has PR's departure. As you say, there will still be about 2 million who are going to tune in regardless of whether they're showing drama or a test pattern. and TPTB are resigned to that.

But Aliaron is also right that TPTB are content to divide and conquer. By getting rid of only one half of a supercouple, they can still keep some of the pairings fans. Jack fans are gone but (some) jen fans remain, Bo is gone but many still love occasional glimpses of Hope. Steve gone but fans can watch for pop-up Kayla and ditto for John and Marlena.
Also the couples were not all trashed simultaneously so, as Amiaron said, everyone is looking out for their own fanbase. When Jack falls down the elevator, Jarlena fans can sigh with relief that it wasn't their man.
My main gripe (apart from Jack-lol) is that I cannot fathom why they cant write stories for the supercouples that I grew up with AND stories of revolving couples that TPTB assume that newer viewers want. I don't even need all the supercouple to be on canvas at once. Couldn't they contract their seemingly expendable duos to 6 months each of good story, then send them out of Salem for a while? It wouldn't cost any more than having half a dozen lonely "widows" wandering around town with only Dirty Dan to service them all.
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