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AMC & OLTL Cliff Notes Viewing Guide: 5AMEST Episodes Posted! New Episodes Up for Ten Days FREE on Hulu!

Michael Fairman

Alright our dearest All My Children and One Life to Live fans, the time is upon us! We are t-minus less than 24 hours and counting till the first episodes of the revivals of All My Children and One Life to Live are posted for the first time on Monday, April 29th!

So with several questions still looming and perhaps not clear to our loyal, faithful, and amazing On-Air On-Soaps fans, we want to give you a quick Cliff Notes version (remember when we used those handy books to cheat on our knowledge of what Shakespeare was trying to say in written tests in English Lit in High School or College?) of the important facts of when and how to see all-new episodes of AMC and OLTL, so you don’t miss a beat, and can get the full digital experience of watching these beloved shows return! It’s their homecoming, and you should be there with open arms! So here is our round-up of facts:

* All New Episodes of AMC and OLTL will be uploaded Monday-Thursday at 5AMEST/2AMPST time to Hulu.com. The new episodes of AMC will live on the All My Children page and the new episodes of OLTL will live on the One Life to Live page. Just because the episodes are uploaded each day at 5AM, does not mean you have to watch it then. They are up for your viewing pleasure at any time during your day that you can log on to www.hulu.com. Select “All My Children” or “One Life to Live” from the list of shows offered on the Hulu platform, or type the show name in the search bar and look for AMC and OLTL, so you can be caught up with other fans of the show before the next episode is posted the following early morning.

*New Episodes of AMC and OLTL will be available for FREE for ten days on Hulu! So count the first upload day as one and you have nine more days to catch the episode for free in case you missed it, or simply want to watch it again.

* Hulu Plus is another way which you can be connected to new episodes of AMC and OLTL anytime, anywhere, at a cost of $7.99 a month. With Hulu Plus you can watch new episodes through devices that display online shows on your television, such as Apple TV, Roku, Wii or Xbox gaming systems and some Blu Ray DVD players. If you are not sure you want to pay the fee for Hulu Plus, you can click here to try a 1-week FREE trial!

*You can also download episodes from Apple’s iTunes store using your personal computer or Apple TV. You can also watch AMC and OLTL on apps from iPhones, iPads, etc. On Apple’s iTunes, ad-free versions of All My Children and One Life to Live will be 99¢ per episode (or $10 for a month of shows), for playback on computers, iPads, iPhones and Apple TV.

* Many long time fans are resistant to watching their soap on the computer- but with Hulu Plus and as stated above, most newer computers have the ability to run a cable from your desktop or laptop to be able to hook it up to your television! That way you can sit on your couch, spread out, grab some popcorn, and watch it as per usual! Make sure you check with the company or store if you purchase a new computer to ensure you re able you to view the show on your TV set.

*Canadian viewers will get to see new-episodes of All My Children and One Life to Live on cable channel FX Canada starting Monday April 29th with AMC airing at 12Noon and OLTL airing at 12:30PM, so they are caught up on new episodes along with their U.S counterparts.

* AMC and OLTL Previews and Recaps are back at On-Air On-Soaps! Over the weekend we have reconfigured our weekly Soap Updates page adding back previews of new episode teasers for All My Children and One Life to Live. In addition, starting next weekend, we will bring back our weekly recaps of all six soap operas currently airing, so you can comment and sound off on story points and likes and dislikes!

* More All My Children and More One Life to Live Recap Shows – those shows will be the fifth episode of the week for AMC and OLTL. The first one will debut on the same platforms as your daily episodes of AMC and OLTL: Hulu, HuluPlus and iTunes starting this Friday, May 3rd. “More” offers a behind-the-scenes look, lifestyle segments, and interviews, with cast members from both shows.

*Important Rules For The Road: You can have your coffee with AMC and OLTL, you can have your lunch with AMC and OLTL, you can have a cocktail and watch what goes down in Pine Valley and Llanview, you can tuck yourself into bed and watch it before you nod off for the night. The luxury of the new viewing schedule is, you don’t have to consistently try to figure out if you taped or DVR’d the episode, if you missed the replay on SOAPnet, or if you missed the original daily showing!

We hope our Cliff Notes will help you enjoy the experience of seeing brand new episodes of All My Children and One Life to Live! Let us know if you have any other questions or concerns! And, if you will be part of soap opera history tomorrow!

Michael Fairman

OLTL Cast Members Tell You How To Watch New Episodes on Hulu and Hulu Plus!


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