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I don't think they want to cancel it. Right now, it's pretty much their "best" vehicle to pimp their prime-time lineup. How many "Smash" and "Animal Practice" and etc commercials & pop-up banners did we see? OOOOOOODLES!! Smash - pretty much cancelled. Animal Practice, gone. Do No Harm - cancelled after 2 episodes.

All of the money they wasted on their prime-time stuff could have been invested into Days - more air-time, better writers with a 2-3 year umbrella- character-driven storyline that would not only keep the vets (actors and viewers) on board, but brought in the younger set so it made sense, and introduced new characters properly so we could learn who they are, what makes them tick & give a damn about them before they were front & center. Unfortunately, Mr. Corday & the pencil-pushin morons along with Tomlin are more focused on gimmicks and "Let's try this pairing!" to spike ratings instead of building them up over time and keeping them where they should & could be.

Can the show be saved? Certainly - but unless & until Mr. Corday & the other executives at Sony, NBC & Comcast understand what needs to be done, the sands may be running out. Just my opinion of course.

OK, I know this isn't exactly a Tweet post, but it's still along the lines of the topic at hand at this point in the thread - sorry for the de-railment.
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