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Apr 28 2013, 05:14 PM
Apr 28 2013, 04:17 PM
The writers and execs seem to recognize that the core 2 million viewers are going to watch no matter what Viewers can rant and complain as loud and as long as they like. But as long as that same core audience keeps tuning in, it won't matter.
THIS. I've been under the same impression for so long, and it really annoys me because I personally want to do the job I'm paid to do as well as possible, no matter how minor or big the job itself is. It's about moral. And especially in this business I'd expect to see some sort of professional pride both by the actors and the crew. No one on Days should be satisfied by average performances, the least the writing team.. Yes, they can air a shitty show just because they can, but I bet working there would feel much more rewarding if you could tell the audience really enjoys watching the show and isn't just sitting in front of TV out of a habit.

And I seriously want Ken Corday to finally step aside. This show really needs new enthusiasm in its management. Greg Meng seemed to have some during the reboot in 2011 but he, too, vanished rather quickly.
I am not sure that Corday stepping aside is the answer. Although I agree that he is pretty ineffectual as an EP I believe that any nods to the past are his doing. I think if he stepped aside you would have Sony (and Tomlin) running the show and they don't give a damn about any legacy characters or old-time viewers at all. It might be a case of be careful what you wish for.
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