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Harlee Kin
Apr 28 2013, 07:07 PM
Apr 28 2013, 01:07 PM
yes especially Bryan. I don't know why but Tomlin seems to have it in for Bryan and his fans. That is just wrong. ALL fans are his bread and butter, I just don't understand why Bryan and his fans continually get screwed. GH knows how to treat their vets, apparently Days doesn't give a fuck. Sad, but true.
I think Lucas could work with the right storyline. He can be a very amusing character. I liked him many many years ago when he was with Sami. I hope they find a creative use for him, that way he can be occupied in a storyline, not be a part of EJAMI but be in Salem for Will. I see him going darker, he is Kate's son and didn't he used to work for Tony. He could have some mysterious business linked to his time in China. He could be bringing things back, what could they be? He could have taken R.K Bowfinger's advice and become a fake purse ninja! Seriously, I do think the actor and character has potential but trying to be a saintly Horton has left the character frustrated and angry.

Just announced in the other thread though that Bryan was dropped to recurring a few months ago.
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