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Apr 28 2013, 09:39 PM
Apr 28 2013, 09:21 PM
Apr 28 2013, 08:24 PM
Apr 28 2013, 07:35 PM
Why not shawn christian or galen gerring....Bryan need more airtime than those 2 useless
ITA GG has too much screen time. BD is a much better actor them him.
While I don't want want this to happen to BD, Galen is not exactly the actor I would trade him for in the Will's baby storyline. Rafe has a place in that storyline as Gabi's brother. Lucas is Will's father, and that's where he belongs. Instead we get a hair brained scheme to schmooze Stefano.

Right now, less BS and more vets. Unless the suits missed it, current story is not exactly MUST SEE TV.
I agree in part with the Will/Gaby/baby story...but if you see even those that absolutely should be front and center aren't....think about it...how much have we seen Will in his own daughter's story? How about Gabi? Heck Nick has played more of a vital part in this story than anyone that should absolutely be in it...not that he shouldn't, as the antagonist of the story Nick belongs. But yeah, the likes of Lucas, Marlena, Kate, Victor, Sonny are sorely underutilized in this story.....it's become the Sami, Stefano, Ej story, with a side of Nick and Will for good measure....

I truly don't know WTF is up in Burbank...but clearly taking BD off contract just at the time that his character was going to be a grandpa just seems so bizarre....and then to top it all off, you get two new actresses to Days with at least one new role but Lucas gets nothing....yeah, I have nothing.
It makes NO sense! Out of all the men on the show, Lucas is the most entertaining & the one I'd most like to see in a front burner story. :shrug:
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