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Apr 29 2013, 12:16 AM
Apr 29 2013, 12:00 AM
In that message it says Drake says "the vets" are currently being targetted. give that BD has been on recurring since February I presume Drake is referring to others as well. Since they are bringing in 2 new women I am wondering how safe some female vets such as KA or MR are. IMO I think it's already a given that the D.H.s are on recurring (if they're lucky).
KA would surely have to be safe - and they've just invested a hefty amount of capital and bringing in extras to support MR's storylines.
I can't imagine they would get rid of them too quickly.

AZ is another matter - she's only been on about 8 minutes a week in a story with small investment of others. Wouldn't be surprised if her and Eric are packed off to a missionary in Africa - perhaps they'll take MBE with them so Kayla can reconnect with Steve.

CB is virtually non existent in her own story - once they get that baby out of her she'll be unnecessary particularly if they have Jen Lilley in to fill out the numbers. And KM's story was just a big facade to let Shawn Christian wiggle himself scantilly clad on stage so she could go as well.
But MR's storylines could hardly be described as wildly popular and I can't believe TIIC will flog a dead horse forever. Also KA is being totally wasted and she can't come all that cheap. Unless they put her in a big story soon I think she is at risk. I do wonder about AZ. i think she is particularly vulnerable as she has already been paired with most of the available men but Ericole is proving to be popular and it's a slow burner so it should stay for awhile yet. CB going wouldn't bother me in the least but I would be sorry to see KM go even though the character development has been disappointing. I also think it's an ageist thing so I think KA or MR are more at risk than either CB or KM.
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