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Apr 29 2013, 06:16 AM
Apr 29 2013, 12:08 AM
Its pure bullshit the fake mantra that I keep hearing that Tomlin doesn't want to write for Ejami. What do you call seven years of constsnt front burner storytelling. Filled with fantasies and rewritten history. He may not want to write them as a stand alone couple but he is more than willing to write for them.

There are so many reasons I hate EJami but number two is because they have been a pet of this show for the last seven years, destructive years, and never deserved it. They were handed the same golden spoon as Dannifer. And neither Shawn nor James has been able to lead a successful story.

I dont understand leading men who don't have any successes but still lead. I thought that shit only happened on Wall Street.

And this show has men that could lead. Brady is a prime example! But no let s make him the idiot goof .

To be fair I'm not saying JS and SC should never lead. But they should not lead all the time. Play around with different storylines and different actors and actresses leading.

You may find an unexpected success instead of constant failure.

Written for? Years of fighting over the kids, pumping lead into someone's head, dopplegangers in another's bed, etc doesn't exactly spell "writing for" to me. Sure, they have them on amicable terms at times but tptb end up pulling the bait and switch. There are quotes from KC himself essentially stating that "The fans want lumi/safe/etc" and that they will never write EJ/Sami together. It's only until the last year that we have seen the writers actually go for this coupling 100%. Dannifer is the complete opposite. They have written as the root for coupling since Jennifer returned this last go round. So, I'm a bit lost as to evidence that places Dannifer and Ejami in the same category, beyond that they are both given root for writing now.

We have to disagree on SC/JS leading all the time. At the moment, JS/EJ is a supporting character in the Wabi story. I'm actually hearing complaints that EJ doesn't have his own story yet. EM, GV, and GG are also leading stories. Hell, I can make an argument that DH is leading the Bristen story to a degree right now.

I think the writers ARE playing with different storylines and trying to integrate as many people as possible and into multiple s/ls. Is it perfect? No. However, I do not think it is as bad as some claim.
I don't get the argument that a couple isn't 'written for' unless they are written in a romantic love story full off sweetness and light. They are still written for, even if it's not the kind of things their fans wanted, they've been in continuous story since 2007. The fact that this show centered a good portion of their stories around Ej and Sami in some capacity since then is what's important, at least to me. Sure, they didn't get the love story until now, but both JS and AS have gotten plenty of air time and regardless of what was going on with Safe or Ejole, the stories always involved some kind of Ejami in some form or another. Just because it's not what their fans were hoping for, doesn't mean that the story didn't feature them, even if they were adversaries....many characters spent decades hating each other but they were still in story.

I just wish the writers would integrate the characters into the stories that make sense for their characters and not leave characters out of story lines that they should be in. If Ej wants to take down Stefano because he's still bitter that Stefano was going to leave him with nothing when he thought he wasn't his flesh and blood, fine...that's a story that is there for EJ to take....Why even insert him into the plot for Nick? Without giving Kate, Marlena, Lucas the time they deserve in this storyline...and I'm not even touching other storylines except this one...but it's striking how some of the same shit that happened in late 2008/2009 is happening now.

Then: Kate was boinking a much younger man=Daniel/Today: She's boinking a much younger man=Rafe
Then: Lucas was taken out of his own triangle and ended up getting nothing/Today: Lucas was taken out of his own triangle and ended up getting nothing
Then: Daniel and Chloe/Today: Daniel and Jennifer
Then: John was made to be an asshole, Marlena was written very weak/Today: John is made to be an asshole, Marlena is written very weak
Then: Dee, Drake and Bryan were shown the door/Today: Bryan already on recurring, Dee and Drake might be next...
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