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I enjoyed it myself...

Brooke having a nightmare of that night seeing JR and David struggle over the gun seemed weird, but its no big deal. I hate Dixie only got one cameo.

Cara fantasy of David was HOT! I thought they were going to show alot more than what I've seen in the first episode. Really looking forward to finding out what happen with her child. Her and Griffin looked and act like actual doctors.

Jesse and Angie were the best thing of the episode to me. The chemistry is still going strong in this new venture and I loved EVERYTHING about them today. I'm a little confused about Lucy, unless they SORAS'D her or it literally was an actual mistake and they were talking about Maya and she took Lucy with her. Angie mentioned a name, I think that was their granddaughter from Frankie and Randi or she was mentioning Natalia, I couldn't really hear what she said.

Pete arriving in Pine Valley was a breath of fresh air. The on location stuff made it feel like LIFE was actually going on in Pine Valley rather than the usual soap opera settings, which have on location shoots, but it was better here for some reason.

I loved Pete and Opal, especially "You'll always be Petey to me, so get used to it." His scene meeting Celia was cheesy as she sat the meeting in motion. Celia feels like she can be this version modern day "Erica Kane." She lied to Pete, and she's filled with mystery.

AJ and Miranda were also a favorite of mines. They act like actual teenagers and I enjoyed the little backstory of AJ sticking up for Miranda because kids were teasing her because her mom is a lesbian. I love their friendship and its obvious AJ has more feelings for Miranda than he's letting on. They also have great chemistry so its obvious they're going to explore it down the road.

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