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Oh, Days gave couples past lives, too? I was just randomly thinking about JER doing that with shuis the other day.
No, it wasn't a past life. Nick gave Steve and Kayla an old mansion to thank them for helping him when he was all burned. While checking out the mansion, Kayla found an old diary and started reading it. It was the story of Emily and Gideon. Emily was a southern lady (because Salem was suddenly in the South in this story) and Gideon was a Union soldier. They fell in love, he left to go fight, he "died" and she was pregnant. That was where the first part of the story ended.

A few months later, Kayla found part 2 of the diary and when they went to Charleston to help Marcus find out about his family, they read the rest of it. Gideon wasn't really dead, Emily tried to rescue him, he was set to be executed but the war ended justintime and Emily and Gideon got married.

It was kind of a cool thing. I know Mary Beth loved it because she always mentions the fun she had with the costumes and the location shoots. But it was never supposed to be them in a past life, although the show used some of the themes between the two couples pretty well. And Stephen had a great pornstache as Gideon.

Oh and in a really poignant moment, the first Christmas after Steve "dies," Kayla gets a package. It was a gift that Steve had ordered before he died and it is Emily's teapot (that they had found). I had been engraved with Emily and Gideon's names and Steve had his and Kayla's put on as well. It's a very bittersweet little moment.

Anyway, that's the story of Emily and Gideon.
I must not have been watching regularly during this because I don't recall it at all. It sounds great, though (and Stephen Nichols is SOOOO pretty in that pic) - is it out on YouTube?
It was pretty good, although there is enough Velveeta in it to make rotel (hi Lysie!!).

It looks like it is up on YouTube. Here is the very beginning.

Omg you mentioned rotel.
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