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AMC was great. I think I gotta give OLTL the edge but I love how they have their own clear tones and vibes. I love both. AMC is off to a fantastic start.

I'm obsessed with AJ and Miranda. I adore both actors. They're fantastic finds. Huge kudos to casting. I swear Denyse sounds like Eden. SO much.

Poor Dixie got one cameo shot lol. It was effective though. I want to find out what happened with Tad.

Adam and Brooke seemed a bit off but I love seeing them. David Canary looks great.

The sets look great and the location shots were on point. Well done.

Pete and Celia could have a lot of potential. Love Opal and Petey's (love how she refuses to stop calling him that!) relationship. I buy it totally. And I can't wait to see more of Francesca James and Evelyn.

Cara and Griffin did come across as actual doctors. I liked the feel of the hospital. Reminded me of the last one on ABC. It was nice seeing the great use of extras on both soaps.

Loved David's release from jail (the location shot was very good) and his swearing revenge now that he's back. So good.

Jesse and Angie were fantastic. I love their relationship. Loved the sexual dialogue between them. Nothing felt like it was 'too much' for the average audience, but still the entire episode felt current.

Both shows proved today how out of date the other soaps really are (aside from B&B, IMHO, as campy as hell as it is, which I kinda love). I like how it FEELS like a town again. A town with people I care about and want to see.

I'm very happy with what I've seen. The opening? Sigh. I could do without the character names. I like the theme just fine, I really do, but I so miss the old theme.
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