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Quoting limited to 4 levels deep
when days good rathings in 2010 it was because vivan carly mel story with phillp and mel weeding and carly shooting mel after that the ratings start slowing to go down

and no sami was not really with lucas last year since most of it happen off screen and she spend most of her time with ej even rafe got more action this year with sami than lucas did last on screen
you can't have it both ways....one minute JS is front burner, leading the sl and the next when the ratings for that period is great it belongs to someone else....... :lol: I mean really :glare:

I am not concerned whether their sex was off screen or not, she was in a relationship with Lucas and that is the point being made.
i was not talking about offscreen sex if miss 10 episodes[i still think gave way too much epiosdes]you still think than lucas and sami still friends not couple and for those did watch knew it seem obvious the story was not really about lucas and sami especially after ej was force to will coming out storyline while austin was push out
There is nothing up for interpretation here, they were a couple.....when she ran off with EJ, she effectively ended things.....I mean the man was living at her apartment.
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