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Apr 28 2013, 11:35 PM
Apr 26 2013, 05:50 PM
Apr 24 2013, 10:08 PM
I think the problem with Ali is not this is her opinion. Its that I dont think it is her opinion. I think alison seeeney is trying to sell me her storyline but instead of using rationale to bring excitment she is lying.

I don't think Ali is a fan of Ejami. If that was it I would be fine. Mara west thought Craig and Carly fit better than her supercoupling of Jack and Carly. I disagreed but still respected her.

But Ali is not sharing her opinion. Ali is pandering. Ali doesn't give two red nickels about her pairing. To me that means she doesn't care about her character. And that makes her a crappy salesman. Because I have to believe that you care about what you are selling before I can buy it.

The way Ali has treated her longtime fans and can't rationally say why she switches whenever the story switches, that is what makes me dislike her.

Ali has no opinion. She is not honest and is not forthright.

I can disagree vehemently with an actor and still respect what they stand for. But i don't believe Alison Sweeney cares sbout ejami. I dont believe she cares about safe. Dont think she gives a damn about Lumi. And since caring about your character's coupling is an extension of caring about your character, I don't think she gives a damn about Sami. And after playing the character so long that is just disgusting.

She stands for nothing but wants her fans to stand beside her.
Jesus. She is just doing her job. She has no control over the storylines or pairings.
Her job is not to lie to fans. If she can't find a rationale for her character's actions then say so. You can still promote a show and be honest. There is not a bone of integrity and credibility in that woman's body. I dont respect her as an actor or person.

Company men and women are disgusting. They stand by and watch mistreatment and wrongdoings and some even participate. Then say i was just doing my job. That should never be the only reason you do anything.

And the fact that she states it like its a good thing makes her terrible in my eyes.
Why does she owe anyone anything? She's not running for President, she's an actress. She's doing the job she's paid to do which is ACT on a soap and SELL what she's acting, the best she can.

I haven't always loved my jobs, but I never went around bashing my bosses/companies just because I didn't like something.

Personally, I don't give a toot who or what she likes. I'm not sure why it matters. She's not my friend.

But to say she has no integrity or credibility is not fair. You don't respect her? That's fine. But you really don't know her.
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