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OLTL was okay, but it wasn't all of that.

I know that the show is supposed to be edgy, but there were certain scenarios that felt OLTL we know and love (namely Viki/Clint/Bo/Nora/David/Dorian/Tea/Blair/Todd).

There were too much focus on Shelter and could hardly hear over the music. I guess this was done on purpose since you can hardly hear yourself talk in the club and they want us IN the scene.

I'm looking forward to Viki and Dorian rekindled rivalry, although Dorian needs to be toned down a bit on the campiness.

Cutter and Natalie were HOT! I thought he was going to do her on the floor. Cutter and Rama also had a spark.

David disco scene was hilarious and people were laughing at him cause he's a joke, but he manage to get into the club, thanks to Todd.

Dani did steal the show. She was wild n out. Destiny seemed stellar, but I'll give her time to improve. Matthew has really grown up. Jeffrey was introduced and that's it.

This tattoo story just screams silly and Todd having a card of the symbol??? I don't know what to think of it. I think Victor will be involved in this story somehow and there's lots of explaining to do. They could've done better with revealing him.

The opening was lame and it don't say OLTL. The song was also lame.
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