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Apr 29 2013, 01:05 AM
ANOTHER great episode tonight! Loving this season!

I am a little confused about the motives and such. I will have to read a recap.
King, If I hadn't read the books I would be totally lost.

I'm impressed everyone who hasn't, can keep up at all.

Loved, loved, loved when Tywin told Tyrion he had to marry Sansa and Cersei was all ha ha about it, until Tywin told HER she had to marry Lorash. HA, BITCH, it's not nice when daddy tells you that you HAVE to do something IS IT???

And as much as I LOVE me some Jamie Lannister, I couldn't understand most of what he said in that bath with Brienne. I had to rewind like 7 times, to get he was talking about the Mad King.

I just wanted to WASH him so badly, but then I was scared I might bump into that stump. (Not that one, the other one)
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