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Grandpa Hughes
Apr 29 2013, 04:02 PM
Apr 29 2013, 10:24 AM
OLTL started off so strong and on point.

I love the vibe and tone the show gives off. Very current, modern, realistic. I felt more connection and emotions to the characters than I have in a LONG time. For example ... Natalie's clearly lonely as hell. The dance with Cutter was great. Also David's tearing up after being laughed at during his entrance (OMG at his entrance!). Blair looking burned after being called a cougar. Tea still mourning her baby. Dani's stumbling around the club, and how she's clearly lost in life. Tea ignoring her.

Enjoyed Todd's return and the mystery surrounding you-know-who's worst kept ever return.

So good.
I have to watch. I am hesitant to state watching the shows because while I can get July with no problem, July Plus won't play on my phone which is how I get the internet now. So I'll be able to watch before they switch to strictly Plus. And Im not sure about ITunes. Never used it. I'd rather pay a monthly fee than one at a time every day. Oh BTW Happy Birthday Kman.
Thank you for the birthday wishes :D

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