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Apr 29 2013, 03:16 PM
IMHO some of Bryan's best work happened when Lucas was in a romantic relationship with Sami. It worked so well for the show that they milked the story from 2003 through 2008....and frankly when Bryan came back to the show after being fired in 2001, he came back on recurring, they actually put him on contract about a year later right before they were going to start the Lumi love story. Maybe this time, he'll get a contract and they'll bring a new woman for him....yeah right...who am I kidding....

Bryan has carried storylines on his own ...it hasn't happened in a while but Will being Lucas' son and Lucas being BIll's son were very Lucas centric storylines.....maybe if they actually tried to do that on occasion with Lucas, then BD would be able to prove that he can do it....why not try at least...it's not like they have anything to lose anyway.
The idea that Bryan is even in a position to have to "prove" his ability to carry a storyline is terribly sad. He is a beloved and extremely popular character played by a very capable actor. He is a Horton with a fanbase much larger then Daniel or Rafe, and at least a comparable one to EJ. Viewers have made it clear they want him actively involved in frontburner storylines. He's related to many other characters. It shouldn't be this much of a struggle to get him something worthwhile to do onscreen.

It's clear that most viewers would prefer having Lucas and Jack to Rafe and Daniel. I'm sure Tomlin knows this, too. He just doesn't care.
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