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I thought it was a mixed bag, but there was more that was good than was bad.

My scattered thoughts:

Viki and Dorian's rekindled rivalry and the re-emphasis on The Banner. This is already my favorite of the new crop of stories. I'm dying for Viki and Dorian's scenes to resume tomorrow.

The production values are impressive and the nighttime location shooting was well done. The more realistic tone of the show is really good, too.

Cutter/Natalie is intriguing, but it seems like they're implying that something might have gone down between them between the end of OLTL on ABC and now, and if that's the case, I hope they provide that context quickly.

The new opening is horrid. I hope it's just temporary while the show's still getting off the ground.

nuMatthew is terrible -- both the actor and the new characterization. nuDestiny also bore no resemblance (on a couple levels) to the old, but since she was a character that I never really cared much about to begin with, it doesn't bother me as much.

Overall, I was very satisfied.
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