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I heard like 1/3 of Jamie's bathtub confession, too. It all seemed very intense.

I have a tough time remembering character names. I also have a hard time sitting through certain things, like the stuff with Stannis's daughter in the tower (who I'm guessing will need to be sacrificed to the Lord of Light, or something, based on what the red woman said last week). It's fun frustration though, for the most part, 'cause I'm always wanting them to get back to my dragon girl or Arya. For more than 5 minutes.

Loved, loved, loved when Tywin told Tyrion he had to marry Sansa and Cersei was all ha ha about it, until Tywin told HER she had to marry Lorash. HA, BITCH, it's not nice when daddy tells you that you HAVE to do something IS IT???

I loved that part where Cersei was all, "Don't make me do this again." She totally got played...by herself.

Sansa...I love how every other female on the show is kind of a badass and she's still...not. I wonder if Littlefinger will try to take her with him again, once she finds out what the plan for her is. Or if he just did this to screw her over. He'd be burning a bridge with the Lannisters to take her now, right?
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