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Apr 29 2013, 09:55 PM
Apr 26 2013, 09:47 PM
Redeem herself for what? This is in character for her, Kate always treated her staff crappy. This is nothing new.

I hope Connie DIES for it.

I can live with this.... :P
It's fine if that's in character for Kate. But I'm not OK with that. How can I be sympathetic to a character who treats people so harshly, especially in this economy. That's not professional. Ethical people in management handle these things with a thing called tact.
I understand you aren't sympathetic to Kate, but you want her dead. IMO, that's way over the top. Yes, she's a biatch who doesn't give a damn
about ethics or professionalism,(it's not right) but a death wish is too much. It is what it is also in real life. Some people in business don't
give a damn.
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