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Apr 29 2013, 06:38 PM
I tried to watch today, and really didn't make it very far. Boring and stupid. Terrible acting all around.
I was coming on to say the exactly same thing; so.damn.bored. I stopped watching after Stefano said yes to Sami's plan immediately. Seriously, what is the point of any storyline lately other than to drain all natural drama out in favor of easy and superficial scenes?

Smdh at the Scooby gang trying to get into an empty Kiriakis mansion. Apparently in Salem it takes a village to open an unlocked door.

If after months of story I still don't understand either John or Kristen's plan I'm guessing there isn't actually a plan that either is working with.

Fauxman looked tiny in his Talking Heads suit.

Jawn was 1000x more fun than John.

Sonny is having coffee at the Pub.

Everett is trying to scheme but it really doesn't work for him.

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