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The second episode was good, but kind of 'meh'.

I liked Miranda and Bianca's scenes. The totally realistic and normal reactions of Miranda. Bianca's clear heartbreak over the realization her daughter is 'too cool' for her.

I liked Dixie's little breakdown with Brooke but at the same time, I'm with Drew on how 'that night' is being handled. I'm kinda ready to just get it over with and move on and dive right into new AMC. I'm kinda over the gunshot and 'that night'.

I also liked seeing Opal's sadness over Pete wanting to live his own life. It's very real. I feel for her.

Angie and Joe catching up was nice. Glad to hear Ruth is still around (visiting Jake and Amanda). Got some back story on Cassie, and more on Maya. Joe seems distanced from Dixie.

I think I'll like Jane. I'm glad AMC has those 'go to' characters again, like Jane and Evelyn, even if they're both new (though Francesca James isn't, of course). It works.

I loved Celia's scenes with Evelyn, wanting to 'live' and go out and do things and sleep with a man. It felt realistic. Evelyn's not quite the ice queen I thought she'd be, I like that she's firm but also very warm. So glad Francesca James is back. I do find it ironic that Palmer's son will get involved with someone who reminds me of Nina in a big way.

The flow was a little better. Still kind of islanded, but better.

It's interesting how fragmented the town kind of is over that night, I buy that part of it. A lot of people feel so differently about Pine Valley. Then you have the fresh faces so exuberant and full of life. I like the contrast.
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