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Apr 29 2013, 06:28 PM
Apr 29 2013, 03:47 PM
I'll probably get even more "Ignore this User" for this, but I happen to like John - we don't know his plan yet & that makes it impossible to be sympathetic to whatever the F he's up to. Is he acting like a douche for a reason or is it male PMS? Either way, no matter how deep John delves into assholery, I won't give up on him - I'll give up on the entire debacle of a show first. Tomlin can't write romance, he's only good for gimmicks & the occasional angst...and even those suckass. Days needs new writers - stat!!

<ducking from tomatoes flying at screens & putting fingers in ears over other users telling me what a dumbass I am> :stars: :tounge:
No, I like John. The "real" John, that is. The one who would do anything for Marlena. I want this faux-version gone though.
What's cracking me up is when people say that Drake's acting is getting worse with every scene - probably because he hates the way John is being written as such a douche & isn't into the delivery of the lines, the emotion, etc. He's being written into a corner by TomSell who clearly don't give a shit about the history of the character with or without Marlena. I don't like the way John is being written right now, but that has nothing to do with Drake - just like everyone else - Ali, James, Eric, etc - he's portraying his character in the way it's being written. It's just easy to chalk his NOT being into his character because he knows it goes against history as it is to say "OH so and so is on FIRE right now!" because whomever happens to like whatever actor/actress and/or character. I don't want Drake gone, but ITA - I want REAL John back. The same way I want real EJ back - he's a DiMera & should be written as an evil SOB, not a lipstick naming, purse carrying wimp. The real Sami - a mom/business woman. And don't get me started on the whole Will taking a back-seat to his mom running the show about his baby BS - that should be WilSon -vs- Gack - with WilSon FTW. Same with Bo, Hope, Jennifer, etc.

OK, end rant. Throw more tomatoes! :stars:

P.S. The elephant in the room? IF Drake leaves and IF Tomlin is coming down on the vets...who's next? :scared:
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