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Director: Steven Williford
Scriptwriter: Carolyn Culliton

Segment 1: Sami plays dumb - You think I'm asking you for a favour? Stefano - There was all this talk about this terrible situation William is going through. Certainly it can't be made of foolishness, can it? Sami - Of course not. I'm worried about Nick Fallon. He's threatening to keep Will away from his own daughter and it's upsetting but I would never ask you to do something illegal. Stefano - As you say ... He turns to leave. Sami - Wait. I wouldn't ask it outright but if you're bringing it up ... if you're offering, that would be different. Stefano laughs - Get to the point.

Nick and Gabi enter their bedroom. Nick goes to his laptop. Gabi asks what he's doing. Nick has to delete a file. Kate thinks the skinline product I came up with is going to make a lot of money for the company which means a lot of money for you and me. She's really excited about it but she wants me to keep it under wraps so nobody can steal the idea by taking the files off my computer. He notices how quiet Gabi is. What's wrong? Gabi - I've been thinking about what you said at the pub about how you and I and Will are never going to get along; we're never going to work things out for the sake of the baby. Nick - I'm sorry if what I said upset you. You know I'm going to do whatever I can to make things work with Will. Gabi - You really mean that. Nick - Absolutely. Gabi - Good. Nick - Life is going to be great for the two of us. Gabi - When it's the three of us it's going to be even better.

Vargas is with a sketchy looking guy who asks if he's going to count it. Vargas - Not here. If it's not I know where you live. The guy leaves. Vargas opens the envelope that is filled with money.

Ciara's teacher sits next to her. What was that Ciara? Ciara stuffs the picture of Kristen and Sy into her folder - Nothing. Teacher - It didn't look like school work. Now please let me see it.

Brady apologies for acting like a caveman. I saw you with my father and I acted like a caveman. Kristen assures him he has nothing to worry about. Besides I kind of like watching you act like a caveman.

John sits in the park and recalls his visit with Kristen.

Sonny joins Lucas in the Brady Pub. Lucas - Thanks for meeting me. I really appreciate it. Sonny - Sami called you? Lucas - She told me what you're doing for Will and we really appreciate it. In fact I think that Will is at the DiMera mansion talking to Stefano right now so hopefully things will work out the way he and Sami want them to. Sonny - And if it doesn't I don't know what Will is going to do.

Will - Nick Fallon knows I shot your son a long time ago and he's using that to blackmail me into giving up the rights to my child. Stefano - But if the evidence against you would disappear from the police station then ... EJ - Nick could say whatever he wants. He wouldn't be able to prove anything. Stefano - I gather you'd like me to make this evidence disappear. Sami - No, it's not Will, it's me. I'm the one who came up with this idea. Stefano - Let me get this straight. If I were to do this then the person that would owe me is you. Sami - Exactly.

John strokes the baseball jersey. So now I know. I can stop Kristen from destroying Brady. He throws the jersey into his briefcase and gets up to leave just as Roman walks up. What the hell are you doing?

Brady gets a call from China. He steps out into the hallway where there's better reception to take the call. Inside her office Kristen mutters - Sorry, my love, nothing's going to stop me from getting what I want, not even you.

Segment 2: Brady returns. His call went well. He's in the mood to celebrate. Kristen has meetings this afternoon. Brady tells her to call and say she has a wedding to plan. It's a beautiful day and I don't want to spend it without you. Kristen - Are you worried that your dad's going to come back. Brady is. The guy's not letting up. I don't want upsetting you. Kristen - It doesn't matter. I told him I'm not going to go for any of these stupid games he's playing. Brady - He's stirring up the past. I don't like what he's doing. Kristen - Who cares about the past? I spent too much time and money on the couch trying to leave it all behind me. Brady brings up the baseball jersey. Kristen - He explained it. He thought it would bring back some good memories. Brady - He said that? Kristen - It doesn't matter. I'm in the present with you. I'm looking forward to the future with you. They hug.

John - I'm not in any mood to go a couple of rounds with you. He walks away, Roman follows.

Ciara - Why didn't I get to leave with everybody else? I have a playdate with Rachel. Teacher - You haven't been paying attention lately. You're more interested in fooling around with whatever's in your notebook. Ciara - It's my private stuff. Teacher - Private stuff doesn't belong in school. Should I talk to your mother about this? Ciara - You can't. My mother's not picking me up today, Rachel's mom is. Can I go now, they're waiting for me.

Sonny finishes up a call with his Mom. Lucas - What's going on? Sonny - Maggie just got back to the house and so did Nick and Gabi. They're usually not there during the day but they're up in their room right now so my mom will let us know if they leave. Lucas - If they don't the chances of Sami doing what she has in mind ... Sonny - Are pretty much screwed.

Gabi - Since I have the afternoon off I was thinking about going shopping. Would you like to go with me? Nick would love that. I have the rest of the day off too. Nick gets a call. Gabi - Who was that?

Stefano - Samantha, the only thing you would owe me is gratitude. EJ - I told you he would say that. Stefano - You are marrying my son. You are the mother of my beautiful grandchildren. Of course I will help you. Sami - The truth is if we don't do something, I'll never be able to hold my own grandchild. Stefano - Consider it done. EJ - Thank you father. Will - Yes. Stefano - But there is one thing you must do for me.

Segment 3: Nick - It's the office. Gabi - I hope they don't make you come in. Nick - Me too but I have to take it. Vargas - Meet me now. You know where. Nick - I thought that meeting was tomorrow. I see. I can make that. Yes, I understand. I'll be there. He tells Gabi that Kate wants him to come in and meet with some marketing people. Gabi - I understand. It's your job. See you later.

Lucas - Are you sure your mom's okay with being our mole at the Kiriakis house. Sonny - She and my Dad aren't crazy about Nick either. Lucas - Does she know what Sami's planning? Sonny - No but she knows I'll do anything for Will. Lucas - I think we all know that by now. Sonny - Really, you too? Lucas - Yeah. It took me a while to come around but hopefully you won't hold that against me. I never wanted my son to be alone. I wanted him to have someone in his life who loves him and that person happens to be you so I'm cool with it. Sonny - Thank you. I appreciate it. He gets a call from his mom.

Stefano - What I want you to do is work on your chess game and see what use your rooks could be and your ... Will - Bishops? Stefano - Good for you. I'm looking forward to our next game. Will - Me too. Thank you. Stefano leaves. Will - I can't believe he's going to do it. EJ - That is Part 1 under control. Sami - The next thing we have to do is make sure we get hold of the recording of your confession and destroy it.

Nick meets Vargas in the park. Vargas - It took you long enough. Nick - You can't say jump and expect me to say how high; I have a life. Vargas - Why Nicky? Nick - What? Vargas - Tell me why you have a life?

Sami is on the phone with Lucas. So Gabi and Nick are in the house? Lucas - They were home but Adrienne said Nick left for work. Now Gabi and Maggie are there but Gabi's probably in her room or something. Sami - You need to call Maggie and tell her that Allie wants to see her. Then pick up Allie and go to the Kiriakis mansion and I'll meet you there. Don't go in without me. We have to go in together. Lucas - What am I supposed to do once I'm inside. Sami - I don't know. I'll figure it out and tell you when I get there.

After the call Sami tells Will he has to get Gabi out of the house. Will will do it. Thank you both ... EJ - You can thank us once we've handled Nick Fallon. Sami and Will leave. EJ sits in the living room and talks to his father's portrait. So let's see, we have a search and destroy mission to take care of at the police station, then there's my wedding, Kristen's wedding, you have Cecicly to play around with in Singapore so that should keep you quite busy for the foreseeable future, shouldn't it. Excellent!

John confronts Roman in the coffeehouse. I told you I didn't want to talk. Roman - You don't have to talk, just listen. John - Not if it's about Marlena. Roman - That topic's off-limits? You can treat Marlena like crap and nobody gets to call you on it? John - Not you. It's not your business. Roman - She's going through hell and you don't give a damn. John - Not true. Roman - How can you turn against her for God's sake! Why is it her fault that Brady and Kristen are engaged. John - If you have to know so bad I'll tell you exactly why it's her fault. She knew the two of them were having an affair and she didn't tell me about it. By the time I found out about it, it was too late to break them up. Roman - She loves Brady like a son. She's had your back for over 20 years and now you're going to let somebody like Kristen destroy that kind of relationship. Just how dumb are you John? John - Oh man, back off. Roman - No, I'm going to put you on notice. Either you treat Marlena right ... John - Or what? What are you going to do pal? You going to make a move on her yourself?

Brady and Kristen are at the square. Brady asks if she's issued invites to her side. She has. She hasn't heard back from EJ and Chad but they better come. Daniel and Jennifer have agreed to stand up for us. Brady - I love that. I'm glad things are working out for them. Kristen - Me too. What about your side? Brady - My grandfather and Maggie are coming as long as Victor doesn't change his mind. Eric is going to try and make it. Sami will probably be there with EJ. Kristen - Are you sad about John and Marlena? Brady - No. I don't want anyone there who is not on our side. Kristen - The people on our side could fit into a very tiny ... Brady - I'd be happy if it was just me, you and a justice of the peace. Kristen - Me too. No ... we can't do that. Brady agrees. Besides, after that day, it will just be me and you and the rest of our lives. Brady goes to get them some coffee. Someone watches Kristen.

Segment 4: Will phones Gabi from the Pub. Can you meet me here for a few minutes. It's kind of important. Gabi agrees to meet him there. Will then calls his mom to tell her Gabi's heading over to the pub in a few minutes.

Nick - I know that I only have the life that I have now because of you. Vargas - If I hadn't taken care of you in there would you be living it up in a mansion with a pretty wife and a baby on the way? Nick - No. Vargas - Where would you be right now if it wasn't for me. Nick - Dead one way or the other. Vargas - That's right. The kind of help that I gave you, it doesn't come free Nicky. I thought you understood that. Nick - I still do. Vargas - That's more like it.

Maggie ushers Allie, Sami and Lucas into the living room. Sami - Wow, this looks great. Sami puts a sandwich on a plate for Allie. It's so delicious looking. And Aunt Maggie you should know Allie was so excited to come over here today. She said you're one of her favourite people. Maggie - She's one of my favourite people too. Sami - Allie had a question she wanted to ask you. We were just talking outside about how she'd love to see your garden. She's doing this project in school about flowers. Maggie - What kind of project? Sami - Actually Lucas got all the information from her backpack. What was it again.

EJ is on the phone - Just to be clear, the funds are to be deposited in the DiMera Ltd account, not the DiMera Enterprised operating account. Are we clear? Good.

Ciara walks up to the bench that Kristen is sitting on. Kristen smiles - Hi. Ciara - You're Kristen right? Kristen - Yeah. Who are you? Ciara - Ciara. Ciara Brady. Kristen - Ah right. You're Bo and Hope's little girl. Ciara nods. Kristen - Are you here with your mom? Ciara - No, I'm here with my friend Rachel and her mom. They're right over there. The woman waves when Kristen glances over. Ciara - I asked Mrs. Randall if it was okay if I could come talk to you and she said it was okay. Kristen - Who would do such a thing? For all she knows I could be a pirate ... Aye! Ciara - Everyone knows you're getting married to Brady and Brady wouldn't marry a pirate. Kristen laughs. Well thank you very much for the vote of confidence. Okay then so do you want me to take you back to your friend and her mom? Ciara - No. I got into trouble with my teacher today and it was because of you.

John - In my book there's a rule against hitting on another man's wife; there's a rule against making a move on a woman that's as upset as Marlena is. Roman - How about you put a couple of more rules in that book. One against being a damn hypocrite, one against making accusations that have no basis in fact. John - You want a fact pal? I'll give you one. It's irrefutable and obvious as hell. You never let her go, did you? You never forgot what the two of you had. Roman - Never have, never will. How about you, John? Have you forgotten? He leaves. John sees Brady come in. Brady sees him and turns around and is going to leave but changes his mind. He goes to John. I do want to ask one thing. I want you to be straight with me this time. John will try his best. Brady - What are you trying to do?

Segment 5: Will tells Gabi he wanted to see how she was doing. Gabi - I finally do believe that there is a little person inside me with little elbows and little knees. Will - That's incredible. Gabi - Last night I was cuddled up in bed against Nick's back and he could feel her kicking. I'm sorry, I probably shouldn't tell you stuff like that. Will - It's okay. When I first felt her kick it just made it so real for me; it made everything different. I guess I just realised that there's a person in there that we made together. I guess I wish it was happening to me. Gabi - You wish what was happening to you. Will - When you said Nick felt the baby kick ... never mind ... I'm sorry. Gabi - Don't be sorry. I understand completely. I don't know if this helps or not but I'm really, really happy. Will - I can tell. You're glowing. Listen I just want to let you know that if you ever need anything, if the baby needs anything, if you want anything you know where to find me. I'm here no matter what. Gabi - When you told me to come see you, that it was important, I thought you wanted to put pressure on me to give you access to the baby.

Nick - What do you want from me? Vargas - Have a seat. In prison the only thing a man has is his word. The trouble is the scum you meet on the inside, their word means nothing. I was a man of my word. I told you that I'd look out for you in there and I did. Now it's your turn to step up and you better do it. He hands him the envelope of cash. Nick - This is a ton of money. Vargas - It's 30 grand. Nick - It's plenty of money to start a new life. Vargas - You can't get a good start without a 100 grand. Nick - You expect me to triple your money. Vargas - Yes. I see that as the seed money and you're the farmer that's going to make it grow.

Lucas - Allie has a unit on botany in Science class. Sami - Can you imagine how boring! Lucas - She gets to learn about flower parts, pistils and stamens and stuff like that. Sami - And we thought it might be more interesting for her if she saw unique, special flowers. Lucas - All that terminology might mean something to her then. Maggie would be delighted to show her the garden. Sami asks if she'd mind if she stayed and ate a sandwich first. I haven't eaten all day. Lucas will go with you. Lucas turns to Sami as Maggie and Allie are going out. It's a good thing someone stayed awake in biology class. Sami - If I'd stayed awake in biology class we wouldn't have Will but we do, thank God, and now we have to help him. Lucas - You owe me for this. Sami reminds him that he has to make them stay outside until I figure everything out. Text me if she starts to come in. Sami heads up the stairs but rushes down when she sees Sonny come in. What are you doing here? Sonny - I know the layout of the house. Sami - I don't want you involved in this. Sonny - So you're going to waste time searching all 17 bedrooms. Sami - Okay fine but if we run into your mother you have to think of something. She hates me. Sonny - Don't worry about her. They head up the stairs.

EJ is on the phone again. I'm sorry, I completely lost track of time. Has the market closed already? It doesn't really matter. It will take me a couple of weeks but we're on the verge of making this happen. Roman walks in - What are you on the verge of making happen EJ?

Kristen - Seriously, you got in trouble because of me? Ciara nods. Kristen - Why don't we go sit down over there and you tell me what happened. Ciara watches as she pulls out a pad and pen. What's that for? Kristen - I'm going to write a letter to your teacher of course. What's her name. Ciara tells her. Kristen - Okay I'm going to tell her that you didn't do anything wrong and that it was all my fault. Ciara - How do you know that? Kristen - It's what you just said, right? Ciara - Sort of. Kristen - I know all about being blamed for things I didn't do so you tell me what happened and I'll explain it to your teacher. Ciara - I've been doing some stuff wrong. Kristen - Any idea of why? Ciara - I miss my Daddy and I want him to come home. Kristen - Oh sweetie, just tell your teacher that and she'll understand. Little girls need their dads like fish need water. Anyone with half a brain knows that.

Brady - Kristen told me that you wanted to remind her of the good times. John - Yeah ... I wanted to remind her of the woman she was. I thought it might help you down the line but she told me she's dead and I killed her. Brady - Do you disagree with that? John - That I do. Brady - It must have been something big. She lost her mind. She locked Marlena in that room. John - Don't you think this is a conversation you ought to be having with her? Brady - She doesn't like to talk about that time. John - Can't say I blame her. Brady - Maybe you fell in love with Marlena and out of love with Kristen. Maybe that's what drove her over the edge, right? John - There was more to it than that.

Segment 6: I blame myself for not realising just how broken Kristen was after she lost her child. I don't feel comfortable talking to you about this ... Brady - I understand that but I asked you to be honest with me so please do. John - The miscarriage left Kristen unable to ever have anymore children and that was devastating because she felt that a child was the one thing that could fix everything that had gone wrong between us. She felt she lost everything. After that, she was never the same. Brady - Thank you. He leaves.

Ciara - My daddy's not coming home and I think it's because I get in so much trouble. Kristen - Stop right there. That's so completely wrong. I want you to erase it from your brain. I happen to know for a fact that your father loves you more than anything in the entire world and that he wants to be with you more than anything. Ciara - Really? Kristen - Of course. Look how cute you are and you're so sweet and clearly you don't take crap from anybody so ... Ciara - You said a bad word. Kristen - I know, sorry. I've been known to get in trouble once in a while myself. Ciara - My brother, who died, he never got in trouble. Kristen takes a moment to pull herself together. I heard about your brother Ciara. I'm awfully sorry. Ciara - Me too. Mommy still cries about him. Kristen - I'm sure she does. Brady has been listening for a while now. Kristen continues - I had a sister that was like that too. She was sweet and kind; had a heart of gold. Do you know what that expression means? Ciara - No. Kristen - I'm sure you're going to figure it out; it just means someone who is very generous, really nice and makes you feel good just to be around them. My sister was like that. She died too. Ciara - Theo's mom. Kristen - I miss my big sister all the time. I love her but you know what, the thing I think I always loved most about her was that she knew how hard it was to always be the one getting in trouble. Ciara - Do you want to see what I was getting in trouble about? Kristen - Sure. Ciara pulls out an envelope. I made a special envelope for it. I was going to give it to Brady for a present. Kristen - What are you talking about? Ciara - It's a picture.

Vargas - Come on, Nicky. You rub elbows with those bigshots in the Kiriakis mansion and you report to the head honcho lady of a whole cosmetic's company. You can make this happen because you have the connections and so far what I've seen in this town, everything's about connections. So do what I tell you to do there won't be any trouble. Nick nods.

EJ asks Roman how he got in. Roman - I had a little talk with your butler. What were you talking about on the phone? EJ - Business which is none of your business. Roman - You talked my daughter into moving into this house with my grandkids. I know you two are getting married and neither one of you decided to tell me so yeah EJ, everything you do is pretty much my business. EJ - I just assumed Samantha would tell you. Roman - You assumed wrong and I think I know why Samantha chose not to share the good news with me 'cause she knows it's a stupid idea. EJ - I can promise you ... Roman - Save your promises. I've had plenty of promises from the DiMera's. I know how much they're worth. Just tell my daughter I was here. I'd like to talk to her soon. Thank you EJ. I appreciate it.

Sonny and Sami are rifling through Nick and Gabi's things. Sonny finds Nick's laptop. Sonny - We just have to figure out what he named the file we're looking for. Sami - He could have called it anything. I mean I called my passwords Christmas Card list. Sonny - You shouldn't have told me that. What do you suppose bd stands for? Sami - Baby Daddy? Sonny - Could be. They open the file and hear the recording of Lucas and Will talking. Sami - What are you doing? Sonny - Deleting it and emptying the Recycle Bin. This file is history. Sami - Wait a second. Obviously he's hiding it on more than his laptop. He's smarter than that. Sonny - Maybe he put it on one of those flashdrives. They start searching.

Segment 7: Nick - I'll do my best but I'm not Warren Buffett. Vargas - Just make it happen quick Nicky. Whatever you've got to do, make it happen.

Gabi - You don't have to worry Will. Will - I'm not exactly. Gabi - But it's on your mind. This is baby is more real to me every single day and I'm sure the same thing is happening to you. Will - Absolutely but I don't want to stress you out, especially not now. Gabi - Everyone says that I'm so in love with Nick and I'll do whatever he says and I do love him. We love each other. He wants to see me happy. I've made it very, very clear that I will not be happy unless you are a part of little Arianna's life. Will - Really? Gabi - Yeah, you don't have to worry about that. You have my word.

Sami - Did you find anything? Sonny - No, this box is locked. Sami - Lucas can't keep Maggie out in the garden forever. We can't make a mess. No one can know anyone was in here. Sonny assures he that he put the computer back exactly where it was. Sami - We have to find that flashdrive. They hear footsteps in the hallway and Nick calling out, Gabi, I'm back.

Ciara - I'm glad you're going to have this instead of me. Kristen - Okay. She takes the envelope. Brady walks up and joins them. Kristen - Look, Ciara gave us a present. Brady - Well that was awfully nice of you. Ciara - Open it. Kristen - Okay.
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