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if you've never watched OLTL, you probably wont ever understand the awesomeness that is David Vickers Buchannan. Its ok lol

So todays episode, imo, was even better! Victor just jumping out of nowhere and no one other than Tea having any real reaction was kinda lack luster tho. But i dont care, because i love those two together

NuMatthew grew on me a TINY bit. NuDestiny suuuuucks! omg. i cant with her at all lol

I hate the new foyer at La Boulaie. Actually, i hate the whole damn set lol I miss that grand staircase

They say "shit" a lot! lol

Im starting to love the 30 minute format. I mean why not? B&B has been doing it forever and their ratings are better than they should be

One thing i DONT like is that there are no next episode previews lol
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