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Apr 30 2013, 09:41 AM
I gotta say that am in love with TSJ. I haven't watch since it was still believed that he was Todd, so how did we find out he was actually Victor? I only really remember him as Todd because the one that is really Todd I only saw when he raped Marty (sorry if I got her name wrong. I think Victor or Vic whichever you want to call him will be one of my favorite characters, TSJ is really awesome and sexy as hell to me. And I love David I think those two where my favorites for today. I felt bad for Victor when he heard that door, it really seemed to freak him out. Also how did he supposedly get killed by Todd? Also I think the one that plays Todd is awesome too and him and Blair really have some chemistry between them.
This is all from memory, so it might not be 100% correct, but Irene had identical twins. She kept Victor, who was developmentally disabled. Fast forward 30 something years and Irene was working with an organization that wanted Todd to participate in espionage (or something). When Todd refused, Irene had him kidnapped. Todd kept repeating every detail of his life story like a mantra, while he was being held captive, and Victor was easily lead, so Irene was able to use that info to brainwash him into thinking he was Todd. She got him plastic surgery so he could fly under the radar in Llanview long enough to get acclimated. Then eventually he revealed himself as Todd. Irene's organization convinced Victor that he could help the government and so he did whatever it was that Todd had refused to do. Everything was fine for eight years, until the real Todd escaped and went back to Llanview to reclaim his life. Once the truth came out, Victor refused to just walk away from the life he'd been living, which angered Todd and he shot him to death. On the last episode the show revealed that Victor hadn't really died. Todd never served time for killing Victor, because he had PTSD after being tortured for eight years.
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