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Apr 30 2013, 10:40 PM
What an awesome show! I enjoyed the whole show today no fast forwarding required. First off, I love me some Samson. They made a great team and I enjoyed their bonding moment as well. I was so proud of Sonny today. He has been initiated in the criminal lifestyle. Welcome to the dark side Sonny, embrace your Kiriakis heritage LOL.

Speaking of criminals, ejami have no shame LOL. They have two peas in a pod. On one hand, Sami is stealing cash just for the hell of it and on the other hand Ej is doing corporate espionage. I freaking love it. These two are just all kind of awesome. One more proof that two of them are perfect for each.

Do I think Sami stealing the money will blow up in Sami's face, of course. But whatever happens, Ej will have her back with no judgement or lecture required. That is refreshing.

My favorite part was team Willson/ejami aka the fab 4 celebrating finally being able to get rid of the evidence. It was a thing of beauty. I just loved how emotional Sami got :wub2: . you could see how she loves her son. I also loved how happy all of them were specially Ej because all the planning and hard work finally paid off. :cheers: They worked as a team and as a family and they pulled it off. I know the victory will be short lived but this was a precious moment for team Will.

As for the John/Kristen plan, I agree with everyone that the plan is beyond stupid. Folks say that Brady is dumb, but what would you expect with a father like john? He thinks he is so smart coming up with this stupid plan when it is not even his idea, it is Kristen's.

Lastly, I loved Victor line about killing Kristen instead of sleeping with her LOL. Good one Victor, because murder is so much better fornication. :lol: Whatever Mr. Superspy...

Love everything you said! The best part about Sami stealing Nick's money is when it does blow up Ejami fans will be on cloud nine as EJ doesn't judge or lecture Sami! Today's show is why I love EJ and Sami both together and on their own. TPTB are staying true to who the characters really are!
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