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Apr 30 2013, 05:42 PM
Apr 30 2013, 04:54 PM
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Yeah, Sami's overly dramatic, no doubt. But Nick's dastardly actions stem from his homophobia, not because of his distaste for Sami's actions. He admitted that on screen to Will's face.

The point I was making is that Sami's behavior gave Nick a seemingly valid pretext for wanting to limit access to the baby.Were it not for Sami's behavior Nick would have no grounds for his arguments to Gabi that Will might try to take the baby from her.
Even if Sami didn't do anything, Nick would have found another excuse to keep Will from his child.
Gabi is Will's friend.Even now she is saying she wants him and Sonny to be a part of the baby's life.Gabi liked Sami.Even after Sami acted like the bitch she truly is,Gabi wanted Rafe to be with Sami,if she made him happy.The only reason Gabi believed anything Niick said about Will possibly taking the baby from her is the behavior of Sami once Sami found out Will was the father in getting in her face,talking about what she was not going to allow,and actually talking Will into asking Gabi for a paternity test.
Gabi is likely aware if her role in the explosion comes out,it could be used against her in court and she does not know that Will shot EJ.Nick's actions seemed reasonable to Gabi only because of the behavior of Sami and may be a reason she might agree to put Nick's name on the baby's birth certificate.
I know we don't agree as to who started it,I just wanted to explain my reasons for my opinion although I accept that many do not ageee with my sentiment or reasoning.
I don't want to hijack the thread.Peace.
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