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Viewing Single Post From: Tuesday, April 30th Daily Discussion
Sweet and Salty

Apr 30 2013, 10:02 PM
Had to make a rare comment or 12 on today's show because, IMO, it wasnt too shabby and I actually sat thru the whole thing never losing interest.

THIS is the Sonny I always wanted and I'm thankful for his scenes today! I was on board with those hating the fact that it was his and never ending Sami sneaking into Nick's room....but it worked for me. It solidified a bond between Sonny and his boyfriends mom...a sneaky bond...and I loved it. The chat between Sami and Adrienne was all kinds of cool as well and it was fun seeing Adrienne help out. I want more of her STAT!
When Sonny said "It's not your baby, you son of a bitch!", I literally cheered! Go Sonny!!!!!

Ciara is the shit!!! Yup, I said it! Who knew Lauren Boles would OWN scenes?! That glance she gave before her flashback combined with the correct way to snap out of a flashback was priceless! Lauren Boles for the total WIN!!

SO glad to hear Marlena say she is tired of her treatment from John. When he said "go to Roman", I gasped. So did she....in that quiet Deidre Hall way. "Then maybe I will"..... I cringed but that's exactly what I would've said. It's the polite way of saying "FUCK YOU !"

I loved Victor seeing more than meets the eye in John's behavior and calling him out on it. Sadly, this is where we get to a shaky area. While the back and forth between John and Kristen's plans were filmed perfectly and are soapy greatness ....this show missed some beats along the way that could've made it flawless. There's no doubt this and the upcoming scenes are what Drake famously tweeted about months ago. However....I do get Kristen's end of it. Being caught sleeping with John would destroy him, his family ties, etc. That's "win" for her. But John actually doing it seems stupid. It's like the same plan. There has to be a clash of plans which occurs to make John make any sense. If that makes sense lol.
I did NOT like John's dialogue near the end when he said something like "I may have already lost Marlena.....but I will not lose my son!" Family is family. Marlena is not tomorrow's turkey sandwich. She's your lover, your best friend, your companion, life partner, soul provider and the constant treasure. So....that was iffy to me.
.....but I'm along for this ridiculous ride. I had a few issues with today's show but it flew by and I'll be watching tomorrow. :)
Well said!! :thumbsup:
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