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Director: Herb Stein
Scriptwriter: Richard Culliton

Segment 1: Will bust's into Sami's office. EJ wonders why he's here when he's supposed to be with Gabi. Will says that Gabi is at the spa and will be there for hours. Have you heard from my mom yet? EJ hasn't. Will thinks he should text her about Gabi. EJ doesn't think she needs any distractions. Will doesn't like that everyone is laying it on the line when it's his problem. EJ - It's about to be solved. My father's getting rid of the evidence against you and once your mother gets her hands on Nick's copy of your confession you'll be home free. Will paces. EJ tells him not to worry. Given his mother's expertise with paternity tests deleting his confession is a little bit like taking candy from a baby. Will doesn't want anyone getting in trouble because of him and the mess he made. EJ doesn't see it that way. I think you're handling the situation quite well. You're taking responsibility for what you've done for your daughter; you're looking out for you family. That's something I respect and understand. Besides which, we're about to be family. That means I have your back.

Adrienne rushes up to Nick before he can go in his room and asks if he can give her a hand with something downstairs. Nick says sure, in a minute. Adrienne - No, it will only take a minute. It's heavy and really needs to be moved now. Nick - I'm totally into doing that. Just give me 10 minutes; there's something important I've got to do. He goes into his room. Nick opens the locked box and gets out his computer while Sonny and Sami watch from the closet. Nick puts the money in his briefcase and pulls out his cell.

John is about to leave the coffeehouse when Marlena comes in. I've been looking for you. Victor listens as Marlena adds 'I ran into Roman. He said that you had a fight. That didn't sound like you. I wondered what happened.' John looks around. Marlena - Wow. You can fight with Roman but you can't talk to me. Nice running into you. John - Don't go. Truth is I'm glad you're here. He holds up the key he borrowed from her. I wanted to give you this. Marlena - Is that why you were glad to see me? John hesitates - Yeah. Marlena - Such a pleasure John. Such fun. She sees the jersey. Is that what you were going to storage for? John - I don't want to talk about it. Marlena - It's a simple question. John - And I don't have to answer. Marlena - Like you don't have to talk about what happened with Roman. You don't want to talk about that. John - Would you stop it Doc. I don't have to answer to you anymore. Why don't you leave me alone alright. Marlena - No. It's not alright. I'm tired of being treated like this by you. John - Then go see Roman. Marlena - Maybe I will. She leaves.

Ciara watches as Kristen opens the envelope. I hope you like it. I hope you both like it. Open it. Before that can happen Hope rushes up. There you are! Ciara - What are you doing here? Kristen - Looking for you sweetheart. Mrs. Randall said you and Ms DiMera had quite a long talk just now. Kristen - She's a very smart and a very, very cute little girl. Hope - Thank you. I didn't know you knew each other. Kristen - We just met. Brady - Is something wrong? Hope - No. I just thought Ciara was on a playdate with her friend Rachel not having a chat with your fiancee. Kristen - Sorry, I didn't meant to upset you. She came up to me ... Hope - Would you excuse us. I really need to talk to Ciara. Ciara - I don't want to. Hope - Ciara, honey, Ms. Hogett called me. We need to have a little talk okay. Ciara - It's not fair. Why can't I have my envelopes at school? Hope - Honey, why don't we talk about this privately, okay? Ciara - Fine. Hope - Why don't you go say goodbye to Rachel. I'll be right there. Kristen - I didn't mean to interfere. She just told me she got in trouble at school. I wasn't trying to interfere, I promise you. Hope - Good. Let's keep it that way. Brady - Kristen said that Ciara came up to her ... Hope - I know but I need to talk to my daughter. Please excuse me. She leaves. Brady - What was that all about? Kristen - I have no idea. Ciara came up to me and she told me she got in trouble at school today because of me. Brady - That's really strange because Ciara told me this morning before she went to school all about you. I think you have a child stalker. Kristen - I have no idea what that's about except it must have to do with what she gave us I guess. Brady - Please show me what it is.

Segment 2: Nick - Damn it, I do not need this right now. He's going to go into the closet when he gets another text. Oh God. He leaves the room. Sami - Thank God. Sonny - That wasn't God, it was me. I texted Nick and told him I needed to see him right away and I told my mom to slow him down. He pulls a flashdrive out of the box and starts checking it. Sami notices Nick has a lot of flashdrives. This is going to take forever. Sonny tells her to take them all back to her office and he'll figure out a way to get them back into the room. Sonny rushes out. Sami decides to snoop inside Nick's briefcase.

Will - I'm just afraid that asking Stefano for a favour, and I'm aware a favour is a euphemism in this case, I'm just afraid it's going to be costly down the road. EJ doesn't think he needs to worry. Will - I know Mom said it was all her idea but if someone has to pay I want it to be me. EJ - No. If my father tries to exact any kind of price from either you or your mother I'll deal with my father.

Adrienne is pushing this big box into the foyer. She sees Nick. Thank God. Nick - Can I help you with this later. I'm kind of late for a meeting. Adrienne - No. You need to help me now. This is for you and Gabi. I'm sorry to ruin the surprise but I can't budge it and it can't be here when Gabi gets back so you need to help me and you need to keep it a secret. Now I'm sure you as a guy don't care that you know about the secret but women are very, very, very sensitive about knowing about secrets and surprises. When I was pregnant with Sonny ... Nick - Where do you want me to put it? She tells him. He hoists it. Adrienne - Be careful, it's fragile, go slower, I mean be careful.

Kristen looks at the card and hands it to Brady. I don't understand. Brady - I do. She made this for Bo. She's missing him. He was supposed to come home last night; he got delayed. Kristen - Her little backpack was stuffed full of envelopes and papers. She must have given me the wrong one. Brady - She's having a pretty rough day. She almost lost it when she found out he wasn't coming home. Kristen - Poor angel, then she gets in trouble. You'd think the teacher would cut her a little slack today of all days. Brady - You know what was really cute though? Seeing you with her. She's a shy kid but she really opened up to you. Kristen - I understand her I guess. I know what it's like to be a little girl and not know where you Daddy is and when he's coming back. It's not easy being a little girl missing her Dad.

John is about to leave the coffeehouse when Victor calls out John and then crooks his finger signalling John to come over to him. John - Hey Victor. Didn't see you come in. How long have you been sitting there? Victor - Long enough. I think it's time for Brady's sake that you and I have a little talk.

Segment 3: Sami pulls out some cash from the envelope. What are you up to now you little snake. She steals the money and runs out.

Sonny just sits down at a booth just as Nick comes in to the coffeehouse. What took you so long? Nick - Don't even start with me Sonny. Just tell me what is so frickin' urgent.

When Sami comes down the stairs Adrienne says 'You took your own sweet time.' Sami asks if Sonny made it out in time. Adrienne - Yes, he went out the back. I stalled Nick as long as I could but you know what's really fun, being part of a break and enter when you don't know why you're breaking and entering. Sami - I'm sorry, I can't tell you. It's better that you don't know. Adrienne - But Sonny knows ... this thing that's too dangerous for me to know, he's into it up to his ears. Sami - I understand your concern and I will look out for Sonny. I like him a lot actually. He and Will are great together. Adrienne - God I hate having common ground with you. I love Will, I do, it's just you ... the baggage that comes with him. Sami - Good one. Adrienne - I liked it. Sami - We don't have to pretend to be nice to each other okay. I do have to ask you for one more favour. Adrienne - You want me to drive the getaway car? Sami - No, I need you to tell Lucas and Allie I had to go; I had an emergency at work. Adrienne - Fine, whatever. As usual Sami, it's been fun. Sami - I bet you don't mean that. Thank you. You helped Will today and I owe you big time.

Sonny - That's why I'm so worried about Will. His grades are slipping, he's not eating, he's not sleeping. Nick - What am I supposed to do about that? Sonny - Nick, it's the stress. If you could just tell him there's not going to be any problem with him seeing the baby ... Nick - OMG. How many times do I have to tell everybody this is Gabi's call, not mine. Sonny - That's not entirely true, is it? Nick - You're calling me a liar? Sonny - No, I'm just saying you have influence over Gabi and it would be cool if you told Will he could see the baby and you're not going to try and change Gabi's mind. Just tell him everything is going to work out, that's all I'm asking. Nick - We've gone over this so many times, I have to ask, what is actually going on here.

Hope and Ciara are in the pub and Ciara is frantically going through her backpack. Hope tries to get her to calm down. Ciara - It's not here. I gave Kristen the wrong envelope. I made a mistake.

Brady - You really like kids, don't you? You do, I can see it. You should have seen how relaxed you were with Ciara. It's nice to watch. BTW, there's not a lot of single ladies out there who would voluntarily coach little league baseball. Kristen - I like how uncomplicated they are I guess. Brady - You really wanted to have kids of your own, didn't you? Kristen - Of course I did but I accepted that it wasn't going to happen for me.

John and Victor are now in the living room of the DiMera mansion. Victor - I've been watching you. John - I know. Victor - I want to know what you're up to. John - Up to? Vic - Don't play innocent with me. I know you're involved in some kind of plan that involves Brady and Kristen. I want to know what it is.

Segment 4: Brady - Do you want to talk about it. Kristen doesn't. We had this conversation. I said I was looking forward, not back, remember. Brady - That's what you told me but how do you really feel about it? Kristen - I feel that I'm marrying you and that's going to be the biggest day of my life. Brady - Correction, our lives. Kristen has to go. Kristen stops and watches as Brady is sending a text. She mutters - I'm not going to let you stop me. I have to move forward.

Sami rushes into her office. We got them. Will - Where's Sonny? Sami - He's keeping Nick occupied but look, we don't have a lot of time so we're going to have to use all the laptops. I don't know which one has your confession on it but we need to figure it out before Nick finds out these are missing. EJ - Why didn't you do this on Nick's computer? Sami - Because we couldn't get through all the passwords and we couldn't keep hanging out in Nick's room. I'm starting to freak out about what else we're going to find on these flashdrives. EJ - Wait a second. Will - Did you find it? EJ - False alarm. He steals Nick's ideas by copying them to his laptop.

Sonny - I have noticed a pattern in the way that you deal with things. You're so reasonable - it's all about what Gabi wants. Then it's the snarl or the threat or the slur ... Nick - I think you should be careful about the way you talk to me. Sonny - Why. We try to be civil to you and you're a jerk. We cave in to you and you're a jerk. Now I'm trying to talk to you like a human being and you're a jerk. Nick - You're really making me want to hear what you want to tell me about Will and I really want to patch things up with you now and you still haven't told me what is going on? Why am I here? Nick gets a call. I can meet you at the spa but I can't stay long because I have to do something at home. After the call he says, here's the part where I'm a jerk again. To tell you the truth I don't care about Will's GPA, his appetite or his grades, I care about Gabi and our baby and that's it. He leaves. Sonny - It's not your baby you S.O.B. Sami, I hope you found that confession.

Hope - I spoke to your teacher and I told her about Daddy and that you're not very happy these days. She's very concerned that you're not even trying to pay attention in class. She's concerned that you're not talking to your friends. Ciara - I just want to draw alright. I don't want to talk. Hope - Okay. She sees Marlena come in. I'm going to get some more tea. That's a beautiful drawing. It looks like our house. She goes to Marlena and tells her that she might want to postpone their coffee date, I'm not having a lot of fun today. Marlena - Can I help? Hope - I don't know. Ciara's so upset that Bo's not coming home. Marlena - That's understandable. Hope - I know. To be honest, I'm not thrilled with him myself these days. It just seems odd the way she's dealing with it. Marlena - Tell me. Hope - She doesn't want to talk about Bo and she's become completely focused on Kristen.

Kristen joins Stefano in the living room. I had a perfectly lovely day planning a wedding, exacting revenge. Just a few of my favourite things. Stefano - And you have no second thoughts.

John - There's no plan Vic. I'm not up to anything. Vic - There's a plan alright. John - Think what you like. I'll see you. Vic - I guess I'll just have to pick Brady's brain. Do you have a problem with that? John - Not a good idea. Vic - You just don't want Brady telling Kristen that I think you're up to something. Make me an ally John. We both want what's best for Brady. John - What's best for Brady is for you and everybody else just to keep your mouths shut. Vic - I saw you back there at the coffeehouse. I saw what it took out of you to treat Marlena that way. I know you well enough to know that I can't stop you from doing whatever you've got planned in your head but do you have to go through it alone? John - You're going to swear to me Vic on Isabella's grave that what I'm about to tell you right now stays right here just between me and you.

Segment 5: Sonny joins everyone in Will's office. Will - I got it. They all celebrate. Sonny - We're not in the clear yet. I've got to get the rest of these flashdrives back to the house. I heard Nick talking to Gabi and he's going back home. Sami - He's on his way there now? Sonny - He's meeting her at the spa. I don't have much time. Of course Will has to stop him and thank him. Sonny - Just remember you've got the 2am feedings. He leaves. Will can't express how thankful and grateful he is. It's been hanging over my head so long. I'm just going to take a walk and clear my head and throw this thing in the middle of the river. He holds up the flashdrive. Will leaves. EJ says this turned out perfectly. Will is homefree thanks to Sonny and Stefano.

Sonny asks Adrienne if Nick is home yet. Adrienne - No and Lucas and Allie left. Sonny just needs a couple of minutes up there. If he comes home just stall him. I need to put everything back the way it was. Adrienne - For the record I hate this. Sonny - I know you do. It's the last time, I promise. Adrienne - I'll text you if he shows up. Sonny puts the flashdrives back in the box. He gets a text.

Brady comes into the Pub and sees Marlena with Hope and Ciara. Marlena tells Ciara - You know when I was your age I used to love anything to do with brides. Is that why you're so fond of Kristen? Ciara - You're like Mommy, you don't like Kristen, do you? Marlena - I didn't say that. Ciara - You don't have to, I can tell. I do like her. She listens to me. Marlena - She does. Ciara - She's always nice, really nice. Brady leaves. Hope - Sweetheart, do you want to go and talk to Tom and pick out something delicious for dinner. You can have two desserts tonight. Ciara - Oh, so you guys can talk about me. She heads to the kitchen. Marlena - Being raised by you and Bo, you can't expect her to be a pushover. Hope - I'm sorry. I know that Kristen's not your favourite subject. Marlena - No, especially not today. Outside the pub Brady makes a call. I want to set up a meeting right away.

Kristen - I assure you father, I have no regrets. It's almost over and I'll finally be free. Stefano - If freedom is so important to you ... I have seen you with Brady and you certainly don't seem to want to be free from him. Kristen - It's not too difficult to put on a performance of loving him because there is some genuine affection. He's an amazing man and I care about him but just not half as much as I hate John Black. When I get my revenge I can move on with my life and it will work.

Vic - You know John that whatever you tell me will remain strictly confidential because I know whatever you've got planned, it's going to be in Brady's best interests. John - I have finally figured out how I can protect my son from Kristen. It took me a while to make sure I was right about something but now I know that I am. Despite everything Brady's bride-to-be still wants me Vic.

Kristen - You'll see, it will work. You know why? I convinced John that I want him. Check ... mate!

Segment 6: Adrienne greets Nick at the door. There you are. Gabi just called ... Nick - Yeah, I just saw her. He heads up the stairs. Sonny slips into another room when he sees Nick coming; then takes off when Nick goes into his room.

Breaking the law turns on both Sami and EJ and they are about to have sex on her desk. EJ says she has some explaining to do when he knocks over her purse and all that stolen money spills out.

Nick is on his computer. All I have to do is triple Vargas's money and he'll be off my back.

Vic - Kristen still wants you? That's revolting. John - But useful. Vic - And you're going to tell Brady that? I don't think he's going to believe you. John - He won't. This has gone too far for me to talk any sense into Brady. What I have come up with is far more convincing than words. It's sick and it's twisted but it's the only way.

Stefano chuckles. Kristen - I know what you're thinking. You think what I'm doing is sick, you think it's twisted. Believe me, I've thought this through and it's the only way.

Segment 7: Sonny joins Will at the coffeehouse. I hold had 3 or 4 seconds to spare but I got the flashdrives back in his room and Nick doesn't know what's missing literally. Will - I threw the flashdrive containing my confession in the river. You made that possible. Sonny thought he'd be happier. Will is happy but he's been thinking that the last few weeks have been all about him and his problems. I'm sorry. I was worried that we kind of lost ourselves for a minute. Sonny - That's not going to happen because I won't let it. They kiss.

Kristen - And so on the very day that Brady thinks he's going to hear me say I love and honour him for the rest of our lives til death do us part, he's going to find me in bed with his father. Stefano - Thanks for sharing again. Kristen - John thinks I plan on holding on to Brady forever and that by keeping him away from his father that that's my great revenge. He's going to assume that when I so impulsively and recklessly succumb to temptation and make love with him again after all these years ... he's going to think that will ruin my plan, that I will be unhinged and ultimately destroyed. You see, he's wrong. He will be destroyed. He will be decimated and of course so will Marlena.

Marlena - Things with John just keep getting worse and worse. Hope - Maybe it just seems that way. You knew it was going to take time for John to forgive you. Marlena - It's more than that. We don't even talk anymore. He's deliberately pushing me away. I know him. I know when he shuts down and he is shutting me down for good. Hope - I am so sorry. Marlena - He doesn't even think that we can get back together, not ever and I'm beginning to feel the same way.

John - There's only one way for Brady to see Kristen for the selfish, manipulative, cold-hearted bitch that she is. I'm going to seduce her Vic. I'm going to sleep with her before Brady marries her and then and only then will I be able to open my son's eyes to who she really is.

Brady is in the park. He turns as someone approaches. Thanks for meeting me. I'll make it worth your while.

Vic - Couldn't you do something less drastic then sleeping with her? Couldn't you just kill her? John - No, Victor, this is the only way. Vic - Really? You couldn't have Brady break in and catch you kissing or something. I'm afraid if he comes into a room and sees you two going at it, he's going to go blind. John - No, she can talk her way out of anything but that. Don't you see if Brady actually sees us making love like I saw them it will finally destroy anything he's ever felt for that woman.

The woman tells Brady it won't be easy. Brady - I don't care what it takes, just make it happen ... now!

John - I tell you Vic, it's the only way.

Stefano - Does it really have to go that far?

Vic - You realise that no matter how you try and justify this to her, Marlena is never going to forgive you. You're going to lose her and Brady. John - I know that.

Stefano - You will lose Brady forever. Kristen - I know.

Vic - You're alright with losing your only son? John - He will never forgive her. It will be over forever and that is all that matters.

Stefano - Brady will never forgive you. Kristen - I know. That's sad. I never wanted to break his heart. I guess I'll just have to call it collateral damage. Once it's done, I will have accomplished everything I came back to Salem to do.

John - I know I may lose Marlena but then I may have already lost her but I have to save my son.

Kristen - And so to that end I will do what must be done.
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