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May 1 2013, 08:25 AM
Glad they explained what happened to Zach and Kendall.

Love Opal's wheels turning and trying to push Celia and Pete together to get him to stick around. She killed me with her "OOPS. Delete" line lmao.

Brooke and Adam <3

David and Angie's conversation <3 I could watch these actors do anything. I loved Angie saying 'shit' as David walked away obviously going to find Cara

Darnell is playing Jesse's concern and panic very well. I buy it. I liked his rapport with Zach and the cursing felt natural.

IMO, Cara gave up the baby. Griffin's "he's not the father anymore" (paraphrased) was a big herring to me. But I think we all assumed anyway the kid was probably alive.
I couldn't decide whether Cara had an abortion, adoption, or just kept the kid and moved. I mean it almost sounded like she was back in PV because of that girl McKenzie. Either way, David's going to *freak* when the truth comes out and I can't wait :)

And Opal was awesome, lol. Btw, how old is Pete?

And who is Celia's guardian? I don't know why I was thinking David.
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