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I like that Kristen is totally on to John's plan...and was it only me and my wishful thinking that thought there maybe something else up her sleeve after that? I sure hope so. but on the John side of the scheme it all seems so unbelievably WTF. I enjoyed "dumb john" back in the day but this is a whole other level of lame. I woudl think he would somehow get Kristen to confess something or tell him she loves him or something and then tell Brady that afterwards. It's stupid. And on the Kristen side of things again..right now this seems like a plan for revenge against John much more so than Marlena. Marlena is the one she blamed for ever losing John in the first place and last time in Salem tried to murder her! Can't she plot against Marlena & John with Stefano? THAT would be good. But I did actually enjoy watching and that crazy Kristen thing she did with the chess piece was alright with me. I liked the feel of the scenes, though they were far from flawless (DAYS really needs to cut the shit with the filming ahead and doing everything in 1 take. Some stuff you just have to shoot again and make sure you get it RIGHT...direction is still obviously lacking)

Also in the John & Marlena coffeehouse scenes, I got SO MUCH more subtext from Deidre. Why the Hell is she only on for like 5 minutes a week? Seriously! She has ZERO involvement in virtually every storyline that she should be smack in the middle of. It makes no sense whatsoever. And because she emoted so much more than Drake did it made his scenes with JA that much more frustrating. I LOVED Victor in all his snarky awesome glory, but what I saw on John's face when he was talking to Marlena and what Victor saw were very much not the same thing. (Again why pay directors who clearly don't direct properly?) I WISH I saw what Victor saw so I could enjoy this just a bit more. It is definitely miles above what DAYS was just a year ago...BUT...if it were thought out a little better it could have been glorious. I wish this whole Kristen revenge hinged less on trying to get someone to fuck someone and more brainwashing, murder, SOMETHING! Kristen held a grudge for 15 years so she could bang John? GMAFB.

Ciara has always creeped me out. I'm glad they are finally using that in a productive way lol She was killing me today. I know she's still so young but she was like a hormonal preteen getting her first period with her emotional freakouts. Although this has been a long time coming. For most of her life Ciara's been thrown into traumatizing situations. She SHOULD be fucked up! I want her and Allie to grow up to be terrors!!

I love Sonny SO MUCH!!! And Adrienne was awesome today too. And it's nice to see Sami & EJ acting themselves (sort of) if I have to see them. Will is disappointing me, though. He's so awkward and nervous all the time and I don't know...just didn't seem as in there as everyone else did. But I do love him with Sonny.

And the OTT celebration in Sami/Kristen's fugly ass office...Um...really? I would KIND OF expect it from Sami although, like, EJ, she should know better than to start celebrating before your end mission is complete. I will just never buy EJ as full-on DiMera. But I did like that he stole the MadWorld files. Too bad like with all corporate espionage kind of stories it will probably go nowhere, even though that's what should have been going on with Kate, Nick, Lucas, Sami, EJ, etc. etc. etc. all along. Kate and Victor especially shine in these type stories.

Brady is still just a bag of meat. He has always been meat to me, even though he is sometimes funny. He bores me to tears.

And those who want Bristen endgame? Ugh. Hell to the no. I want crazy revenge-minded Kristen...Not let's redeem one of the most bad-ass crazy bitches in Salem history. Villains like her should not be redeemed, even if we did watch her descent from good girl to what she eventually became. And again, especially not when her return was all about being pissed off the last 15 years and letting it all fester. SHOW ME THAT! lol

Nick did almost nothing for me today. But I liked Sonny giving him shit. More Jackson Kiriakis, please and thank you.
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