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May 1 2013, 05:07 AM
The Sonny, Adrienne Will, Sami, EJ, Nick story is such a highlight! Sonny is finally being written like a real character instead of a prop. He is so much fun right to watch. Please more Adrienne. She was hilarious yesterday and I love that she is on Sonny's side to try and help Will. Are we sure Nick is homophobic? He almost seems more crazy than he is a homophobe. Loved his scenes with Sonny. I didn't enjoy Sonny and Will for a bit last couple of months but I am loving them again. I don't know what happened but the writing is a million times better for them and the actors seem to have gotten back the lost chemistry that was going on for a bit.

Ciera needs to be a series regular. She is awesome! The girl that plays her is such a good actress.
Loved yesterday epi everyone played it so well but Sonny was my fav the way he kept Nik occupied and how played him at the coffee shop. Sami should be glad he was with her did she know how to delete the info off of Nik's computer. Loved the ending with Will and Sonny they seem as solid as ever loved how Will keep thanking Sonny and that he was afraid they had lost eachtother for a minute and Sonny reassuring him that he wouldn't let that happen. They are so good love Freddie and Chandler we need to see more of them.
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