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NE Spoilers for the week of May 13th

Brooke and Hope sulk over their romantic losses

Liam personifies the role of doting husband to Steffy

Bill takes steps to ensure no one crosses a Spencer

Rick tries again to end his relationship with Caroline

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SNS Week of May 13th

Bill tells Caroline that she has a future with Rick and takes steps to make sure no one ever crosses a Spencer.

Bill makes plans for Maya to run into Jesse, her ex boyfriend, who is also the father of her child.

Plans do not work out for Caroline and Jesse who witness a tender moment between Rick and Maya.

Rick tries again to end his relationship with Caroline.

Caroline and Jesse share one common goal.

Brooke seeks Eric for emotional support.

Hope is heart sick because of Steffy's wedding happiness.

Liam plans a romantic evening for Steffy.

Hope admits to Brooke that seeing Oliver would be a good way to move on but does not think she is ready.

Hope tells Thomas what her reasoning is for making amends with Steffy.

Brooke does not accept Donna's suggestion to tell the truth about her night with Bill, and instead she comes up with another plan.

COMING: Bridget calls Brooke and tells her that she's coming for a visit

Titles and Previews

Monday ("Relationship Woes")
Brooke and Hope discuss their relationship problems; Liam prepares a romantic evening for Steffy.

Tuesday ("Rick Attempts to Dump Caroline")
Bill has a plan to shock Maya; Caroline refuses to let Rick end things between them.

Wednesday ("Bill's Plan")
Bill instructs his staff to ensure that Maya will return to jail; Hope tells Thomas her reasoning behind making amends with Steffy.

Thursday ("Jesse's Offer")
Jesse has an intriguing proposal for Maya; Taylor, Bill and Thomas offer their support for Steffy and Liam.

Friday ("Brooke's Request")
Brooke's request surprises Eric; Taylor stands by her daughter.

Daily Spoilers week of May 13th

513, Hope and Brooke talk about their respective relationship troubles; Liam prepares a barbecue for Steffy.

5/14, Bill brings the father of Maya's baby to town; Caroline fights Rick's efforts to break up with her.

5/15, Dollar Bill gets help with his scheme to send Maya back to prison; Hope talks to Thomas about Steffy.

5/16, Jesse extends an offer to Maya; Taylor, Bill, Liam and Thomas get behind Steffy and Liam.

5/17, Brooke makes an unexpected request of Eric; Taylor extends her support to Steffy.

TV Guide Previews

5/13, Hope and Brooke commiserate with one another regarding their respective relationship issues; Liam patiently awaits Steffy's return home so they can share some fun and romance.

5/14, Bill conspires against Maya by bringing her baby's father to town; Rick continues to attempt to break up with Caroline, but she won't let him.

5/15, Bill tries to make sure that Maya will go back to prison; Hope tells Thomas why she's made peace with Steffy.

5/16, Rick, Caroline and Alison look on as Jesse makes Maya an offer he hopes she won't refuse; family members rally for Steffy and Liam.

5/17, Eric is stunned by Brooke's request; Taylor offers Steffy essential guidance and support.
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