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Subtext is playing what's not specifically written in the dialog. Playing the right subtext often gives dialog completely different flavors. Take for example two characters discussing going shopping and making a grocery list. The dialog itself is nondescript and to just read it implies nothing more than two characters making a shopping list. Take the same dialog and have the actors perform it as if they're a married couple who live together, but are on the verge of getting divorced. It gives the scene a very nuanced shading. Then again, take the exact same dialog, but have the actors perform it as roommates who are secretly attracted to one another, but can't admit it yet. Same dialog. ENTIRELY different scene. Subtext. The problem with certain actors is that they just do NOT have the ability to play any subtext (or the right subtext). A scene about making a grocery list becomes just that -- a scene about making a grocery list. And it's pretty damn boring. Likewise, a good script writer is able to convey the necessary subtext in their scripts via stage directions.
Way cool and excellent description!! Do you have college education in acting, fashion, etc....?
I was a theater major for a semester during college and, later, a broadcasting major. I never finished up a degree, unfortunately. I also read a lot of books on soap opera history and writing (especially both of Jean Rouverol's books which, IMO, are the 2 BEST books on the subject ever written) as well as collect (when able) old soap opera scripts.
Kewl!!! Do you watch the other three soaps?!
in addition to DAYS, I watch B&B & GH. I keep trying Y&R but it keeps boring me to tears. I'm also watching the new OLTL & AMC as well as the UK soaps Coronation Street, Emmerdale, EastEnders, and Hollyoaks. I was also watching the Australian & New Zealand soaps (Home & Away, Neighbours, & Shortland Street) but there are only so many hours in the day. lol
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