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NE Spoilers for the week of May 13th

Mollyís torn between TJ and Rafe

Morgan plans to repay his gambling debt

Laura is surprised by someone from her past

Felix suspects Britt is up to no good

Dante tries to spark Luluís memory

Luke battles his past demons

credit: jcren

Titles and Previews

Monday ("Morgan's Injured")
Michael rushes Morgan to the hospital; Sonny attempts to get more information on Morgan.

Tuesday ("The Blame")
AJ and Tracy blame one another; Rafe comes clean to Molly about his feelings for her.

Wednesday ("Blackmail")
Tracy threatens to expose AJ if he doesn't take responsibility for the relish debacle; Olivia and Connie give Sonny some useful information.

Thursday (Britt's Pregnancy')
Emma is upset to learn that Britt is pregnant; Sabrina can't believe that Britt approached Patrick about moving in with him.

Friday ("Drinking")
Mac is hesitant about giving Luke a drink; Liz asks AJ to be her date for Laura's wedding.

Daily Spoilers week of May 13th

5/13, The Clash of the Condiments goes to ``The Chew''; Michael tries to find Morgan.

5/14, The relish war goes on at ``The Chew''; Molly feels torn between Rafe and T.J.

5/15, The relish war takes a turn; Morgan comes up with a plan to repay his debt.

5/16, Laura gets a surprise from her past; Felix is suspicious of Britt.

5/17, Dante tries to help Lulu remember; Luke fights his demons.

TV Guide Previews

5/13, "The Clash of the Condiments" finds a national stage on "The Chew." Michael must act fast to try to find Morgan.

5/14, Relish war continues at "The Chew." Molly is torn between Rafe and TJ.

5/15, The Relish saga takes an interesting turn. Morgan has a plan to repay his gambling debt.

5/16, Laura is surprised by someone from her past. Felix suspects Britt is up to no good.

5/17, Dante tries to spark Lulu's memory. Luke battles his previous demons.
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