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I don't think there has ever been a year in which there has been so many nominees that I'm rooting against. Case in point....Muhney. Aside from being a cocky prick who squeals on his cowrkers, I truly believe him to be one of the worst actors in daytime. I don't get why some in the press rave about his stiff performances. I'm also rooting againsst KA from OLTL and GH. Someone needs to tell the poor girl she is a sh*tty actress and stop giving her false hope that she'll be great by nominating her for an award she doesn't deserve.

Another thing I don't get is why so many feel Ari Z. is entitled to win best supporting actress. She's good, but there are better alternatives and while I only watch Days off and on, I don't remeber her wowing me last year. KKL should win that category. While I'm not her biggest fan, that b*tch acted her ass off during Stephanie's death scenes. However, I doubt she will win because I hear she has made a few enemies. Its hard for me to root for MCE and JC because their characters suck. Their good actresses, but uggghhhh...

Susan Flannery should without a doubt win best actress. Her death scenes were splendid. I don't know how Stafford got nominated. That sh*t is a joke. Do I need to pull up her miscarriage scenes. Awful doesn't even begin to describe her.

I'm also rooting against best YR and any category. YR was a mess in 2012. BB should win best show.
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