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May 1 2013, 11:23 PM
May 1 2013, 03:39 PM
NE Spoilers week of May 13th

Gabi must make a difficult decision about her brother

Chad puts his heart on the line with Abigaill

Kristen and Brady have a big blowup

Hope zeros in on a prime suspect in Rafeís attack

Samiís loyalty to EJ is tested

credit: jcren
Why are they "testing Sami's loyalty to EJ".She has finally has the "man she truly loves" after three (3) kids,two(2)husbands,and seven (7) years of BS.She was panting for a ring on her finger from her true love and she has it.She is living with the love of her life and father of two (2) of her children.She has moved on and they are going lock,stock,and barrel with EJ/Sami.Unless Sami has to choose between EJ and one of her children, I can't see any other situation that would test her loyalty to her one true love.Stupid to start with EJ/Sami/Rafe crap so soon after we just got done with in December/January.
Chad had Abby,told her wanted Melanie,got engaged to Melanie,and in December Chad was still moping over Melanie,his one true love.Now he is "putting his heart one the line with Abigail.If Abby is smart she will tell him to get lost.His heart was with Melanie,now three months later,its with Abby.Even if she does not make it with Cameron, how can she trust Chad and his heart under these circumstances.He made her second best once,I don't see how a woman as smart as Abby trust him not to do it again.No way would I dump Cameron for Chad.Chad had his chance,he threw it away with both hands.It should be a done deal for now.
Hope was zeroing in on Sy,where is he?

Should EJ have the same approach about what Samanther did to him as you are advocating for Abigail.

Sami had EJ,told him she wanted Rafe,got engaged to Rafe ,and in December Sami was still moping over Rafe ,her one true love.Now she is "putting her heart on the line with EJ.If EJ is smart he will tell her to get lost.Her heart was with Rafe,now three months later,its with EJ. how can he trust Sami and her heart under these circumstances.SHe made him second best multiple times. I don't see how a man as smart as EJ can trust her not to do it again. .Sami had her chance,she threw it away with both hands.It should be a done deal for now.
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