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Sami`s loyalty? Meh...who cares. She`s hardly worth anything and she`s hardly a "good catch". Isn`t she supposedly with the man of her dreams anyway? Then, Rafe shouldn`t be a worry or an issue for ejami. He can cohabitate in the same town and have a life totally & completely devoid of ejami. I love Rafe & hate the mere thought of him getting entangled in another sami-I`m-torn disaster. Thank goodness he has a potential new love interest on the horizon and can get out of that messy ejami fiasco.
ITA that Everett is a red herring and not the one responsible for the attack. He`s just throwing a fit about Rafe. But why is Junior getting his knickers in a wad for anyway? He has no problem ambling about & issuing advice to William. Isn`t he always chilling with Will? Lucas isn`t quaking in his boots because of Ejill. So Everett shouldn`t be so concerned about Jafe. Seems that Johnny is just having the same heroic worship issues that Will is having.
And I am loving this Ciara infusion into Brady/Kristen`s storyline. Ciara is realistic even more so now because she`s mirroring how a lonely little girl would be. Good twist there. Can`t wait to see the big blowup for bristen. Kristen will become unhinged. Her revenge scheme will become her big moment of clarity. Wasn`t it awhile back when Deidre was raving about Eileen`s scenes? Anyway, I`m anxious to see how this unfolds.
Coiunt me as one NOT on the Chad/Abby bandwagon. I like Cameron/Abby. Chad had his chance and blew it. It`s been only a month or so ago when he was belly aching over Melanie and how he can`t go on without her. Now that Pippi is gone, is Abby really supposed to be on standby as his consolation prize? Hardly. Plus for me, Chad/Abby never were this to-die-for couple even pre-Cam. They`re mediocre at best and that`s stretching it.
But all in all, I`ll be tuning in to see what happens.
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