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The Royal Stoner

May 1 2013, 08:58 AM
I'm sorry but if Ari doesn't win this, it's as big a robbery than when that chick from GH beat out Eileen Davidson playing 5 roles back in the day!
Actually, it was Cynthia Watros from GL that won against Eileen and as much as I too wanted Eileen to win that year, robbery it wasn't. Both actresses gave the performances of a lifetime and the contest was between the 2 of them from day one.

As elated as I am that KKL and Jessica Collins received their 1st nominations (and that Ari Z deservedly received her second), I can't help but feel that the Supporting Actress category isn't a fair fight without Robin Mattson on the list. That woman singlehandedly brought GH back to life last year and you couldn't take your eyes off of her when she was onscreen. She's never won and this was DEFINITELY her year. How the Academy chose Missy Egan and Julie Berman over Mattson is beyond me.

And I actually agree with where KKL submitted. I don't think she was lead last year and she totally was supporting Flannery in her death storyline. I'd be happy with any of the 3 actresses I named winning the trophy, but no matter who wins, I'll still feel that it's a CRYING SHAME that Robin Mattson won't be up there giving her acceptance speech after 4 decades in daytime.

I hate it when they snub the MOST deserving performer of the entire year. And this year, that was Robin Mattson.
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