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Apr 30 2013, 04:08 PM
I swore I wouldn't jump the Tarly ship just because OLTL made RH go back to Llanview, but here I am, on episode 2, knowing I'm going to be all about Todd and Blair. I'm so malleable.

TSJ is ridiculously sexy. Between Victor and Todd I have all the man candy I need. I agree though, his reveal was a little humdrum.

Couple questions: if I already pay for HuluPlus, will the show remain free (i.e. no additional OLTL fee)? Also, anyone know how far out the show is being filmed?
The show will be free for you (and for those of us who haven't subscribed to hulu plus). You might have access to the whole season, instead of each episode expiring after ten days, like on free Hulu.

ETA - the fourth episode was the best so far, imo.
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