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Director: Herb Stein
Scriptwriter: Janet Iacobuzio

Segment 1: Kate is at a gunshop. The guy pushes a pistol towards her. She picks it up. Guy - How does it feel? Kate - Deadly.

Abby is with Dan and Jen in Jen's office. Abby already knew Daniel was the world's greatest guy before he came to Cameron's rescue at the strip club ... thank you for proving my point. Dan comments that Cameron seems to be a pretty good guy himself. Abby will let her mom know how it goes. She leaves. Dan - Does she have plans with Cameron tonight. Jen - Not exactly, but she's working on it. Dan tells Jen she has plans tonight; she better clear her schedule for all night. Jen - Wow.

Cam greets Abby by the nurse's station. He asks her if she's free tonight. She is. Is that all you wanted. Cam - Definitely not. He pulls her into a kiss as Maxine watches.

Abe greets Eric at the pub. It's good news that this private foundation wants to inject new funds into your prison release program. They are going to vet you pretty thoroughly to see if what you've been doing so far has been successful and you only have Vargas in the program as of now; so, how's that working out? Eric recalls walking in on Vargas and Nicole. It's not exactly what I expected.

Vargas is on the phone with Nick giving him a gentle reminder that he wants results. Nick - If you want me to take 30K and triple it ... Vargas - Triple and then some Nicky. Nick - If you want me to do that for you you have to let me the do the work and stop calling me to tell me to do the work. Vargas - I went from one prison to another and I am stuck here until you deliver. Do not disappoint me. He hangs up when he sees Nicole in the doorway who asks - Am I interrupting.

EJ is holding the stolen money. There has to be 30 thousand dollars here. Sami - That much huh. EJ - Would you care to tell me what it is exactly? Sami - It's what you just said, 30 thousand dollars. It's not mine. EJ - I didn't think it was. Who's is it? Sami - It's Nick's. I stole it. She explains that she saw Nick stash something in his briefcase. She wanted to know what so she looked and took it. EJ - How did Nick get his hands on this amount of money? Sami - That's an excellent question. We should really think about that. EJ - Why did you take it? Sami - I don't know. I'm sorry. I just grabbed it impulsively. It wasn't the best decision that I've made. EJ - What do you think Nick is going to do when he finds out his 30 thousand dollars is missing? He's going to go nuts! Sami - You think?

Nick is on his computer. This could be it. I could put the money here. His cell rings. I got the message the first time okay. Rafe - Well you didn't get a message from me. Nick - Rafe. Sorry, I thought this was a work call. It's been a crazy day. Rafe - Can you put aside your day for a few minutes and meet me at the coffeehouse. Nick - I'm kind of working on a dozen different things. Rafe - It's about my sister. I can come over there to discuss this. Nick looks at his briefcase - I'll be there in 10.

The guy tells Kate - It fits in your purse; gives you maximum protection. Kate - All in one pretty little package. Do you take credit cards?

Segment 2: Jen asks if this is about Kristen and Brady's wedding. Dan tells her the plans are for the 2 of them. Dan has arranged for Jen to meet her favourite chef. Apparently the guy is opening a pop-up restaurant here and tickets are impossible to get unless you're me. Jen is very excited. You're the best guy ever.

Cam suggests burgers at the pub and a walk down the waterfront. He knows it's not the most exciting date ever ... Abby would love that. Cam mentions that paying off his mom's debt is curtailing all his impulsive ideas like trips to Paris. Abby can't wait. Dan and Jen walk up. Dan asks Cam if he has 5 mins to consult on a case. They leave. Jen - Successful bump-in? Abby - The best. Jen hugs her.

Abe - So do you want to talk about how Vargas is doing? Eric - I have great hopes for this program and it's future. Abe - That doesn't answer my question. Eric - Well I have high hopes for Vargas too. The thing is that the people that fund these types of programs think that it's a very smooth transition into the civilian world. They're wrong. It takes a lot of work and time. It's a process. Abe - Eric you're going through heroic lengths to keep this vague so maybe I'll just flat out ask this instead. How much did your hestation about Vargas have to do with Nicole?

Vargas - I thought you quit. Nicole - I did but Fr Eric and I worked things out so now I'm back. I'm surprised you didn't know that. Vargas - No. So I guess you and I just agree to stay out of each other's way, right? Nicole - One more thing though. Don't you think we should chat about that call I walked in on 'cause I sure do.

Nick joins Rafe at the coffeehouse. I don't have a ton of time. Rafe - I talked to Gabi a while ago. I don't like the way she sounded. Nick - Why? Gabi and I are great. We're waiting for the baby ... Rafe - She's upset about you. Nick - Why do you say that? Rafe - I'm Gabi's brother but I'm also a cop so I know a dodge when I see one. Nick - Gabi's my world. I'm doing everything I can to protect her. Rafe - Protect her from what?

Segment 3: Abe - The reason I asked about Nicole is because I happened to see a kind of an intense moment between her and Vargas earlier. Eric - They work close together. I guess it's bound to happen. Abe - Okay. Are you going to be at the church later today? I'm heading over to the police station to do some consulting work there. Can I stop by the rectory later and show you some of the things I received from the foundation. Eric - I should be there all afternoon.

Vargas - What is it you want to talk about Nicole? What do you think heard? Nicole - Your little Eddie Haskell act with Fr Eric is as transparent as a glass of water. Vargas - Oh damn. So you see right through me now, huh? Nicole - Yeah I can and I think the real you is the guy I heard on the phone call; making demands, hinting that things won't go well if you don't get what you want. Vargas - I sure know what you want Nicole and that's to cause trouble. Nicole - Oh yeah, there it is; turning it on me. You're highly mistaken if you think Fr Eric is falling for your pathetic little act anymore than I am. Oh and if I detect that Fr Eric is a little slow on the uptake this time I'll be sure to get him up to speed. Vargas grabs her arm - What are you going to tell him huh? And think hard about what you're going to say Nicole, very hard. Nicole - Are you threatening me?

Sami gets in a snit. Okay fine, obviously stealing Nick's money doesn't help anything. EJ - Obviously not. Now he has 30 thousand dollars to hold over you head. Sami - I'll sneak back into his room and put it back. EJ - You will not do that. Promise. You do understand how risky that is. I'd rather you take all the money and spend it then do that. Here's an idea. Why don't you take the money to the bank and convert it all to one dollar bills and then you'll have a lifetime supply of tips for your strip clubs. Sami - Kristen told you about that huh? It served a purpose. EJ - So I heard. Sami - Come on, it was for a noble cause. EJ - I appreciate everyone going to Cameron's rescue including your ex who I gather was one of the stars of the show. Is that why you didn't tell me about it.

Nick - It's just an expression Rafe. I'm trying to express to you how deep my feelings are for Gabi and I'm frustrated because I shouldn't have to do that anymore. Rafe - Well when I saw Gabi she had just seen Will. Nick - So? Rafe - I just have the feeling that Gabi feels that she's caught between you and Will because you're not comfortable with him spending time with his baby. Nick - What do you want from me Rafe? Rafe - I want to understand why you do not want him to be with his own child. Nick - Why are you so damn protective of Will? I'm the one married to Gabi. I'm your brother-in-law. I'm going to be the one raising your niece. What is Will to you anyway? He's just a ... Rafe - Just a ... what?

Segment 4: Nick - You want me to say what I think Will is. I think it would be easier to say what I think he's not which is a good person. Rafe - I've known Will for a long time and I think we both know that is not true. Nick - Really? Does a good person go and take advantage of a girl he used to date because he's feeling sexually confused? And then when he gets her pregnant he rushes her off to get an abortion because he thinks it's going to ruin his relationship with his boyfriend. Rafe - You're twisting the truth, you know it, I know it. Nick - You've been on the offensive since I got here, what am I supposed to do? Just deny everything that's right in front of my face? Rafe - No, you're supposed to get your act together and take care of my sister instead you're running around wasting time and energy trying to get Will out of the picture and ultimately it is hurting my sister. She comes first. Don't mess this up. Nick - I would never do that. I don't know how many more ways I can say that to you for you to hear it and finally believe it. He leaves. Kate walks up. Wow, that seemed to go awfully well.

Sami - Wow, I'm impressed at how smoothly you managed to move Rafe into the conversation. And if I didn't know better I'd think your were jealous but I do know better. And I know you know that I only have eyes for you and I proved it by putting this on my finger. EJ - If I was jealous you would know. Sami mentions that Rafe found out about our engagement that night. EJ - What did he say? How did he take it? Sami - I didn't notice. I was distracted by other things.

Rafe - I asked him some questions. He got anxious, defensive. When he did he started to say ... Rafe gets a text. It's the station, I have to deal with this. Will I see you later? Kate - Yes, you can count on that. Rafe - Good. What's in the bag? Kate - This is a gift for me. Rafe gives her a kiss on the cheek - You deserve it. He leaves.

EJ mentions that they still haven't decided what to do with the money she stole. Sami argues - Grabbed impulsively. EJ - I think the best way to handle it is to put it to the side for the moment. You never know, Nick could have gotten that money legitmately. The best policy right now is to wait and see. Sami gets a call from Kate. Do you have a minute for a dropby? Sami - Now? Kate - Yes, I assume you're at the office. Don't worry, it's not about work, it's personal.

Dan tells Cam he's off; I've got plans for tonight. Cam - Same here. Dan tells him to have fun. Maxine tells Cam he has a call. The call has to do with his line of credit. He tells Maxine he ordered flowers for Abigail and his credit card was declined. He checks his wallet. I don't have enough cash to take her to dinner. Maxine - I'd offer you a loan but I'm living paycheck to paycheck these days. Cam - Thank, I wouldn't take it but thank you. Maxine - Abigail is a sweetheart. I'm sure she'd understand. Just level with her. Cam - I don't want her to feel bad for me. I'm just going to make up an excuse and cancel the date.

Abby and Jen are both dressed up to go out. Abby is nervous. She admits she gets all anxious and self-conscious around Cam. Not all the time but ... I think it's because we've had so many stops and starts. Jen - That's all in the past. What could possibly be holding you back now? Abby - Actually I can't think of a thing.

Vargas - Why would I be threatening you? I haven't done a thing. So I'm going to be forced to explain myself to Fr Eric just because you want to make trouble for me. Nicole - Would you kindly take your hands off me. Vargas - Like I said, I've done nothing wrong but you can't say the same thing, can you? Nicole - What the hell are you talking about? Vargas - It means you let yourself fall for the boss and I'm not talking about God. Nicole pulls away. Vargas - What do you think Fr Eric is going to say when he finds out the name you call out during sex is his. Eric walks in. What's going on here?

Segment 5: Nicole - I was just telling Vargas I'm back and we were figuring out how that's going to work. Vargas - That's right. I promise you father that I meant what I said when I apologised to you the other day. The last thing I want to do is blow this great opportunity you've given me here. I made a mistake, a bad one, but I will make it up to you as I'm sure Nicole will too. We're both going to be very professional from now on. Nicole - Of course. The past is the past. Thank you Eric for giving us both a chance to ... Vargas - Repent. Eric - As far as I'm concerned the subject is closed. Vargas - For me too. I've got to get back to the basement to finish some work. He leaves. Eric - Are you okay? Nicole - Yeah. What happened between Vargas and me was a mistake and like he said, nothing like that will happen again here or anywhere else.

EJ offers to stay with Sami during Kate's visit but she tells him it's not necessary.

Dan calls Jen he knows he's late. He forgot to do something so he had to stop back at the hospital. Jen tells Parker is there with the nanny, all settled in. She tells him about how nervous Abigail is about her date with Cameron. I think she really likes him. So was so flustered it was funny. After his call he finishes up something on a laptop then tells Maxine he'll see her. Maxine - Before you go, this may not be any of my business but I think there's some things you should know.

Sami realises the envelope of money is in plain view on her desk. She picks it up - OMG ... just as Kate comes in. Are you alone?

Segment 6: Cam stops at the front door and he practices his excuse for cancelling the date. He knocks on the door. Abby opens it. I'm totally ready, I just have to grab my bag. Jen comes to the entrance. Dan rushes in telling Abby and Cam not to rush off so fast because Jennifer has a surprise for them. I hope you can cancel your own reservations wherever it is because you do not want to turn down this offer. Abby - Mom, what's up? Jen - I'm going to let Daniel tell you. Dan - You know how you're mom is a huge fan of Chef Mark Witkowski. Abby - Kind of, since she never shuts up about him. Dan - Well he's got this restaurant opening tonight in town. Tickets are scarce but your mother called me to make reservations. She wanted you two to have an amazing, chef-prepared, all expenses paid meal for your date tonight. Cam - Are you kidding? Dan pulls out the tickets. Abby - But Mom, Chef Witkowski's your favourite. Jen - Yeah he is ... Dan - But her daughter is her more favouite. Abby looks at Cam - Is that okay with you. Cam - Sure, that's great. Thank you Jennifer. Jen - You're so welcome. Abby - Thank you so much Mom. I'll see if Chef will autograph a napkin for you. Jen - I'm counting on that. Abby and Cam leave. Jen - What is the story behind my incredible genoristy.

Abe arrives at the rectory. Eric - Is that the paperwork from the potential donors. It is. Abe - If this thing with Vargas works out, it would be a success story. Nicole hears them talking. Abe - He is the test case after all. Eric - Yes, I guess he is. Abe - The success of this project hinges on him.

Rafe is on his cell in the square. When he's done his call he sees EJ right in front of him. EJ - I'm so glad I ran into you. I wanted to apologise. I had plans last night and I didn't hear about your event until it was too late. Rafe - That's a real shame. It was right up your alley too. EJ - Hard to ignore all those Facebook postings. People had a lot to say. Rafe - Let me guess. I missed my calling. EJ - It's never too late. Rafe - I have to say this whole thing was an ego boost for me. People raving about my performance, especially your fiancee. She was a real wildcat; no one was cheering louder than her.

Sami - Why did you want to see me so urgently? Kate - It wasn't urgent. I just wanted to offer my condolences ... she starts to laugh ... I'm so sorry, my congratulations on your engagement. She sees the ring. Oh, I'm so sorry, no overstatement DiMera diamond? Sami - I'm surprised you showed up in person to offer your insincere wishes. Kate - I'm actually very sincere about my happiness regarding your news. Sami - Because you think it means I'll stay away from your sons. Kate - If you're talking about Lucas, he can't stand the sight of you anymore. I don't think he'd be in any rush to be your husband anytime soon. Sami - So I'm going to save you the trouble. I don't need you to sit here and tell me all the reasons you think my marriage is going to end in disaster. Kami scoffs. Oh come on. Why would I or anyone in their right mind think you're marriage is going to end in disaster? Oh because once EJ kidnapped your child and let you believe she was dead? Or maybe it's the time you tried to murder him? But seriously, that was a long time ago. No reason at all to hold any grudges, right? Sami - Obviously you're not at your best since your marriage to Stefano imploded but just because you don't have anyone in your life does not give you the ... Kate - Why on earth would you think that I don't have anyone in my life?

Segment 7: Dan and Jen share a pizza with Parker. Jen thinks that was the most amazing, generous thing he did for Cameron and Abigail and she loves him for that. They all sit on the couch and watch a movie.

Cam and Abby get the rundown on their meal from the Chef. Abby suggests they come up with a special dessert all on their own after they're done here.

Abe leaves. Nicole goes into the rectory. Eric asks Nicole to get Vargas for him. Nicole - Why? Eric - Because I need him. Nicole - No you don't. You don't need him for anything. Don't you understand that? Eric - What are you talking about? Nicole - You can't trust him. He's not who you think.

Rafe is going to leave but EJ asks him to wait. Just a couple of quick things. I know what you and the other guys did was for Cameron and I appreciate it. I wish he had come to me for help but I know what you did was good hearted so I'd just like to say thank you. Rafe - So what is it that you wanted to talk to me about. EJ - Samantha.

Sami - I'm pretty sure you're not seeing anyone because if you were you would have sent out a press release; at the very least, you'd be lording it over Stefano. Obviously you're here because you're bored and hard-up. So anything else or are we through? Kate - We will be as soon as you open your engagement gift. She puts the bag on the table.

Nick is in his room talking to someone on the phone. I'm definitely interested in making the investment. Can I do that online? Maximum 1500 hundred. What if I did it in person? Really? And cash? I understand. I definitely don't want to lose my deposit so I will be there before close of business today with the rest of the money. Thank you. He opens his briefcase. Where's the money? Where the hell is the money?

Kate hands her a box with a box on it. Go ahead, open it. Sami - I don't want anything from you Kate. Kate - How ungracious! You hurt me. Sami - Okay, yes. How wonderful. She opens the box and sees the gun. Kate - I hope you like the colour.
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