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Spoiler Preview for the week of May 6th

Lauren's guilt is starting to weigh heavily on her and goes to talk to Phyllis. She realizes how close Phyllis and Michael are and decides against it. Even though she feels guilty, she can't fully let go of Carmine and decides to go away with him. Meanwhile, Michael is worried about Fen and calls Lauren who leaves to go find their son. While home, Paul shows up looking for Fen. She tells Paul she's trying to fix her family but Paul doesn't think so and asks her if she's having an affair with Carmine. Lauren is taken aback with Paul's questioning and wants to confess but can't. She lies and Paul sees through her and lays out the evidence. Lauren continues to lie but the guilt is getting to her.

In other news, Chelsea continues to struggle with telling Adam and Dylan about her baby's paternity, thanks to Chloe's advice. Chloe thinks she should keep up the charade. However, that may be hard when Adam sees Chelsea dining alone, craving spicy food like the last time she was pregnant. She realizes she needs to get creative because she is farther along than she would be if she was pregnant by Dylan. Nevertheless, that does not stop Adam and Chelsea from having a tender moment as they talk about the loss of their baby. Chelsea is surprised by how vulnerable and endearing Adam is being with her. Will she tell Adam the truth about the baby?

credit: jcren
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