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Come on Ron, We are counting on YOU !!

A few quick things about yesterday's show:

-Kate and Sami are my everything...it's the only time I can remember back to yesteryear and think of how happy I felt about watching Sami. Nowadays...not so much, so any interaction this bitch has with Kate nowadays is a plus because I can't stomach the mere sight of Sami these days, except if she's with a select few...and by select few I mean pretty much 2 people...lol

-Vargas and Nicole were great and Eric walking in was perfection. Their scenes are the highlight of every episode they are in.

-Nick is starting to crack and I'm glad.....I liked the Rafe/Nick scenes a lot....and I also enjoyed the Rafe/Kate scenes. I still think they have outplayed their shelf life.....but meh at least Kate is boinking someone, lol...I loved the setup in the Kate/Sami convo....Sami assumes Kate is alone and lonely...oh Sami....wait till you find out who she's been fucking.

-I can't stomach Ejami, they seem so forced, seriously....keep reminding him Sami that you only have eyes for him...and wtf was Sami talking about in this exchange with EJ? "And I know you know that I only have eyes for you and I proved it by putting this on my finger."....seriously Sami....a WEDDING ring didn't stop you from cheating on your last husband, so WTF are you talking about? WHAT A MORON.....oh and EJ needs to stick to sashaying his way around.....that's bad enough but it looks better than whatever the fuck he was doing yesterday...seriously it's just bad....

-Rafe/Ej were horrible....these two just can't save a scene if their life depended on it....
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