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Well Ej has always admired what a liar Sami can be. I sense a fire....as in liar, liar pants on fire. And really Ej, didn't she already accept another engagement ring from you and have thoughts of another man? Not a real convincing endorsement.

Kate and the gun! Oh yes!!! Why can we not see more of this Kate? The line about the gun color pure perfection. This scene and my enjoyment of it just proves what a powerful woman Kate is and how she needs to be back in Stefano's orbit. This nonsense with Rafe is wearing thin.

It was also time to have Nicole clue in to the real Vargas and show the mettle she's made of. Yay! Enough with the insecure, needy Nicole. Let's get some action going! Another great line delivered by Nicole about Vargas Eddie Haskell impersonation not cutting it with her. :P

Rafe and Ej - been there done that. As much as I like to see the arrogant boasting Ej showcasing his insecurities, I want better story for Rafe. Hate that we have to wait til August for a new love interest for him.

They really need to stop having every character telling us how Daniel is the world's greatest guy. He's not.

Took Rafe long enough to put some pressure on Nick and demand specific answers from him. For being an intuitive cop Rafe sure hasn't been acting like one. It's fun to see Nick cracking as his 'perfect' world is crumbling around him and looks like the fun has just begun!
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