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Updated 5/2

From Corbin Bernsen's Facebook:

Woke up to beautiful sunshine this morning. Rays of hope. I'm leaving mom's journey truly in God's hands now. I slept well last night and at least for the moment, am at peace. And that's all I really want for her, either way. In my heart, and I think I'm being unselfish - I think - I do believe there is more for her here, on this earth, in this part of her longer journey. I don't know what it is or why, perhaps just a continued fight for some time to show us all the power we have to make a difference... or maybe simply to encourage me to write about that, share that... our individual power to bring change. For me, the world is suffering right now, and it is only through us, each of us; parents, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, and expanded communities of a variety of beliefs, faiths, and political agendas, that when we call on our deepest individual strengths as human beings - like my mom is doing now, hanging on, fighting - that we can come together for the common cause, and perhaps bring remedy to our suffering. Personally, while my faith is clear and has been made clear here, I welcome all into this challenge and conversation. Without judgement. With love. Maybe that is the point of all of this. That is indeed my mother and the lessons she taught me and is now, at the greatest cost, showing me one more time.

Which leads to another concern. I also am feeling a bit selfish this morning. So many of your comments have been about going through things like this personally, today, as we speak. Either yourselves or with a parent or loved one. And here I am, going on about me, me, me. Blah, blah, blah, as someone put it last week. I'm sorry for that, and I want you to know, as I've often remarked here, that when I pray for mom, I always include all of you in my thoughts. I don't speak about it here much, reserving the already lengthy space to my personal situation, but it is in my heart. My mother taught me many years ago that we are all connected, my problem is your problem, your problem is my problem. We are inescapably connected through our humanity. So please know, you are not neglected and I feel for you as though you and your situations are indeed mine. Peace to us all, love to us all, God Bless us all. Going to walk the dog now and breath some fresh air.

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