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May 1 2013, 07:21 PM
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May 1 2013, 05:58 PM
May 1 2013, 12:33 PM
Blake Berris @BlakeBerris
Lookin golden @Ari_Zucker ! We're rooting for you! #DaytimeEmmys #DAYS @nbcdays
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they look so GOOD together!! OMG. I would be open for a Nick/Nicole pairing!! :flipoff:
I could go for it too, but not as long as he's being a homophobe. Father Eric just isn't doing it for me as a match for her & the thing with Vargas went belly up. Blake & Ari are my 2 favorite actors & I think they'd be fabulous together in any capacity.
I know, I was excited for Ericole as well but looks like they won't happen. I don't like Vargas with her. I always loved Bricole but they aren't happening either. I just want to see Nicole to be happy for once.
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