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The judges were full of shit during the 1st half of the show, songs from 2013. Angie's version of "Diamonds" was good, she made it her own. Amber's version of P!nk's "Just Give Me a Reason" was good, true to the original. Candice singing Bruno Mars "When I Was Your Man", what the fuck!!?!?!? Of all the songs she could've picked she sings a song about being someone's man? Why didn't she change the lyrics up and the judges saying they didn't care about the lyrics, was total stupidity. I love Candice & think she's been the most consistent but she was absolutely stupid for picking that song and the judges even more stupid for bragging her up.

Why On EARTH STANDARDS?!?!?!? They've done enough old songs this season, TOO MUCH. Standards are so boring!!!!

On the standards, Candice was by far the best. Angie, Amber & Kree all about tied next.

Can't wait to see David Cook tomorrow night.

Harry Connick Jr. should become a judge next season, replace Mariah Carey.
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